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13th Amendment: Let the people decide

It would seem that the Government has got into a right royal jam with the 13th Amendment (13A) to the Constitution. Under pressure from India once again, and the Western countries on the one side, and counter-pressure from domestic forces adamantly opposing its continuance, the Government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa has…



Keep the fire going

Keep the fire going

Earth Hour co-creator and advertising wiz Todd Sampson talks to Shaveen Jeewandara about meeting challenges in life including climbing Mount Everest There is something very unassuming about Todd…

Lighting up Thanthirimale: A tradition since 2004

The story of Thanthirimale dates back to an era when it was called “Thivanka Bamunugama”, owing to the Brahmin Thivanka making the peaceful grounds his abode. It was…


Au revoir! Gentle knight, friend and cousin Gamini Wijeyesinghe Friday April 26 was one of those days in my life, I wish had never occurred. It was only…

Letters to the editor

Well done for exposing the NSB fiasco The Sunday Times deserves the commendation of every Sri Lankan for its excellent editorial in the Business Times of June 9…

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Funday Times

Water Cycle poster for schools

Water Cycle poster for schools

The Colombo based International Water Management Institute (IWMI), together with partner organization Lanka Jalani, launched a…

Kids’ World

Flow of fluids

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Sunday Times 2

Early results give Iran moderate clear lead

Early results give Iran moderate clear lead

TEHRAN, June 15 (AFP) – Moderate cleric Hassan Rowhani, bolstered by a late surge in support…

Facebook reveals details of US data requests

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Dental surgery to the fore

Dental surgery to the fore

Consultant Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgeon, Dr. Suresh Shanmuganathan discusses trauma and oral cancer  Any defect, disease…

7 things you should know about heart attacks

Afraid of lifts, injections, dentists? You’re not alone

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