“Executing” the PM, and some other ‘MPs’

Now don’t get excited, dears, it’s not what you think. There is no plan or plot afoot to ‘execute’ the PM – or any other MP, for that matter. (So sorry! Trust you aren’t too disappointed? Well, you’ll have to live with it – and them… and they with us.)

It’s just that with the Executive Prime Minister’s post being the talk of the town these days, ‘execute’ and ‘executed’ are on the tip of the tongues that are wagging in the corridors of power. For instance, even the ranks of Tuscany, who couldn’t care tuppence for the incumbent chief executive, are saying that only he can “execute” such a bold and brazen programme to stave off an impending loss of power for him and his cohorts.

Another example would be the discontented back-benchers who are muttering amongst themselves that only the present opposition leader would permit himself to be “executed” in such a nonchalant manner. It’s all par for the course, folks, and one doesn’t have to be too politically savvy to note which way the wind is blowing. And nod sagely that it is an ill wind that blows no one any good…

Down side

Consider. Why now? For what purpose? And for whose benefit? To stave off which contingency? To ensure the continuity of whose power? At the expense of which civic rights? To pull wool over whose eyes? With what agenda in mind? Caused by which circumstances? At this juncture? Why not? Consider.

Two heads are better than one. Or so went the conventional wisdom under another chief executive, contra the same opposition leader then turned prime minister. See where that kind of power sharing got us! Even now, one shudders to hear the word cohabitation. And recall the type of political bed-fellowship that ended up in an acrimonious divorce between two ‘heads’ who could not, would not, and did not see eye-to-eye. We, the progeny of a politically dysfunctional marriage gone bad, paid a price that cost a generation their place in the sun, then…

Up the ante

Now, the President and the Leader of the Opposition have agreed “in principle” to changing the charter, so that an Executive Prime Minister is introduced into the dramatis personae of our polity today. This opens up a panoply of opportunities for those of us citizens who are keener to know what the “practice” will look like to make some Modest Proposals, the ‘MPs’ of the title. So, you do see now that there was no cause to dispatch the goon squad to probe a possible assassination attempt!

For one, we would like to suggest that the powers that be – and that now seems to include the opposition, which at one time was perceived to be left out in the political wilderness – to agree more often. Even if it is only “in principle”! Start small, dears. There’s no telling what a world of good you can do – even at this late stage…

For another, when you can spare the time from lofty ideals such as governance and power sharing, you can investigate the plethora of pressing concerns that bedevil the rest of us who do not live the lives of privilege that we appear to have compelled our elected representatives to live. Crime, corrupt practices, cost of living, controlling flaw and disorder, etc etc are some of the issues that spring to mind. No doubt in a carefree mood on a sunny day at the helm of power, you will see other problems and priorities crowding the horizon. Don’t let the ship of state run aground on those, will you? We the taxpayers don’t pay your paltry (hem!) salaries and foot the bill for your meagre (haw!) privileges so that you can gather wool and count clouds as you sun yourself prettily on the main deck…

Burning bridges

Last but not least, once you have drawn up the charter or change of plans, or whatever it is called these days, guard it with your very life – for draft constitutions have been known to be set ablaze by mobs who have no respect for other people’s ideas. Why, the very chaps who set police stations on fire in two revolting uprisings, er, youthful revolutions, have been known for such pyromaniac practices. It’s taken you, the leaders of this country, long enough to agree (even if, sorry to naggingly remind you, only “in principle”) – now don’t ruin this golden opportunity by exposing it to the firebrand elements tucked away somewhere in the coattails of your coalition.

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