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Sunday, September 22, 2002

Government - LTTE to raise funds jointly
The LTTE and the Sri Lankan government will jointly carry out an international campaign to raise funds for the redevelopment of the war-ravaged north and eastern provinces.

I'm no kitten, I'll take 500 with me - CBK
President Chandrika Kumaratunga said on Friday " Chandrika is not a kitten," and vowed she would hit back hard and take 500 with her if they tried to destroy her.

New laws at right time
The government will continue its practice of presenting important legislation in Parliament at auspicious times, Leader of the House and Justice Minister W.J.M. Lokubandara vowed yesterday after an inauspicious battle ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, the superstitious and the dead.

Bribery Commission tells bank to produce Ratwatte CDs
The sensational case of the Ratwatte CDs has run into a legal dispute involving the Commission investigating Bribery and Corruption and the Fort Magistrate's Court.

JVP seeks clarification on CBK's remarks
The JVP is to take up with President Chandrika Kumaratunga remarks reportedly made by her regarding the JVP at a meeting last week.

Five star brawling affects hotel trade
A recent brawl at a nightclub of a five-star hotel in Colombo is causing concern among City hotel managements, as they feel incidents of this nature would affect the industry.

Doc's killing still a mystery
No clue has been found by the police team investigating the killing of the doctor at Maharagama on Thursday night.

CBK's moves will split party, warns old guard
Senior members of the People's Alliance have expressed concern about moves by President Chandrika Kumaratunga to take action against SLFP members who plan to vote in favour of the 19th Amendment.

PM returns
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is due to return to Sri Lanka today after a high profile ten-day tour of New York.

The Prime Minister addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations, held talks with UN Chief Kofi Annan and several other world leaders, while meeting scores of top CEOs, to attract investments to Sri Lanka.

This was a scene on Thursday, September 19, at the grounds of the Chenaiyoor Central College in Mutur, on the outskirts of Trincomalee- just the day after the first round of peace talks between the government and the LTTE . It was a passing out parade of a Tiger guerrilla artillery unit. Printed invitations were sent out both to residents of the area and the media. Paduman, Trinco's military wing leader is seen reviewing a parade of the newly passed out units. Is the recruitment, training and re-arming, part of LTTE plans to increase its bargaining powers at the talks, or be ready for war ? Pic by Sinniah Gurunathan. (Related story)


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All the world is stage(d) at Sattahip - By Susantha Goonatilake









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