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GDL tradition marches on- Kala Pela to 'Kalagaraya'
"Kalagaraya" is the name for the stage drama and film started by veteran film maker and play producer G. D. L. Perera, who has returned after thirty years abroad.

He is presently living in Karaliyadda which is 10 miles off Kandy. This new project is set in a picturesque spot bordering the Victoria reservoir.

GDL has over 10 stage plays and six movies to his credit. Sakkarawattan (1962), Mehev Lokeka (1963) and Thotupala (1964) have won awards at stage drama festivals while his films "Sama" and Dahasaksithuwili represented Sri Lanka at International Film Festival. "Ratagiyaattho" the first teledrama to be filmed in England was also a GDL production.

"Kalagaraya" was started to help the young enthusiasts interested in drama and film. The classes are provided free of charge

Speaking to the TV Times GDL said; "I wanted to share what I have learnt with youngsters in this country and show their parents what they can do in addition to the education they receive. In starting this school GDL has concentrated in providing Kandy children with an opportunity to develop their interest in fields other than formal education.

"Majority of these children are poor but they are not poor in talent" said GDL with much confidence in his pupils.

His students have not let him down for they have already done a play titled "Surasura" based on Serivanija Jathakaya.

GDL is no newcomer to train youngsters either. Many a talented actor and technician now performing in the world of theatre, television and the cinema have their roots in Kala Pela- a cultural training institute he started in 1956. The late Dhamma Jagoda, Denawaka Hamine, Nilanthi Munasinghe, Dougles Ranasinghe, Gnananga Gunawardena are just a few in the acting field and reputed cinema and telefilm makers- I. N. Hewawasam, Parakrama Niriella, Bermin Lyle Fernando, P. U. D. Perera are another handful of those who started to blossom out of Kalapela.

'Depath Nai': A social commentary
By Susitha R. Fernando
In "Depath Nai" a struggle to maintain false social standard is portrayed which is a common failing in our society.

Srinath, Damitha and Buddhika in a scene from 'Depath Nai'

Here the story is mainly woven around the happenings taking place among the children of Udangawa family. The miniplay opens when Ranmali a poor village damsel is sent as a servant to the second daughter's house in Colombo. This contract is made by 'Lekam Nona' whose profession is to find employment for young girls in the houses of town folk. Even though this was her job she does not guarantee the safety of the prospective employees.

Alfred Udangawa living in retirement is the head of the family but does not command the respect of other family members due to many weaknesses.

The eldest daughter in this family Kamani is a widow and she lives with her grown up son. She lives on from her husband's pension which is suplemented by a meagre income from her small businesses. She also tries her best to build unity in Udangawa family. Fat-headed Cryshanthi is the second daughter in Udangawa family and she is married to an executive officer. All her pride comes from her husband Jinadasa's job and everybody respects him due to his superior status. It was in this house that Ranmali finds the job. Nandana, Jinadasa's brother is in jail but his brother pretends that he is a student in a foreign country.

Samanthi is hot tempered and she is the third daughter in Udangawa family. But she is married to a driver, Gnanapala working in the municipal council and others in this family think that it was a disgrace to the family status. But the fact is that Udangawa family cannot do anything without Gnanapala.

The fourth in the family is Ramyalal working as a clerk and his wife is Kosala who tries to get to the top class. Unable to provide the extravagances expected by his wife the husband gets involved in anti-social activities and ultimately becomes a drunkard.

Gothami and Duminda are the youngest in Udangawa family who live with their lonely father. Duminda has fallen in love with a Burgher girl, Olga and all in the family are opposed to this.

The drama takes an unexpected turn when Nandana believed to be living abroad, returns home freed from jail.

No sooner he returns starts an affair with Ranmali, the servant girl who had come from the village. But he abandons her on hearing she had got pregnant by him. At the same time he starts another affair with Gothami the youngest girl in the Udangawa family.

This leads to a break up in Cryshanthi and Jinadasa's family. The problems begin to spread to the other households in Udangawa family throwing the whole family into turmoil. But Alfred Udangawa the father in the family tries his best to keep these as secrets and protect the family respect.

"Depath Nai" to be telecast on Swarnavahini has Sriyantha Mendis, Duleeka Marapana, Bandula Withanage, Maneke Ratnayake, Maureen Charuni, and Srinath Maddumage in the cast. In the technical crew are G. Nandasena as cameraman, Suneth Nandalal as art director, and screen play is by Sunanda Silva. Senanayake Weraliyadda had sung the theme song written by Sunil Ariyaratne and the music is directed by Tharupathy Munasinghe.

'Onna Babo' on the way
'Onna Babo' another comedy surrounding a little girl directed by Dinesh Priyasad is to be released soon.

A scene from 'Onns Babo'

Little 'Shanu', played by Shanudri Priyasad is the only daughter of wealthy couple-Shan and Shyama Senanayake. One day 'Ann' Shanu's aunt takes her to the park. This journey was intended to meet Ann's fiance Malan. While the couple make love to each other Shanu starts playing with a group of children in another place. But the little girl becomes the victim of an unexpected situation. A child kidnapper 'Bili" who sells children to foreigners comes to the park and 'Shanu' becomes his latest catch.

Bili keeps the kidnapped girl under three hilarious characters who works in a bakery 'Lengwa', 'Mingwa' and 'Domingo'. But Shanu manages to escape from them.

Meanwhile Shanu's parents offer a big prize to whoever finds their daughter. Not only Ann, Malan and Bili but also the three comedians go in search of the lost girl.

But for Shanu this is a completely new experience that is filled with fun and excitement.

The cast in "Onna Babo" include Sangeeetha Weeraratne, Wimal Kumara de Costa, Ronnie Leitch, Don Guy and Janaki Wijeyratne.

The story was written and produced by Lalindra Wijewickrema and music was handled by Somapala Ratnayake.

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