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Stock taking after deadlines end  on Friday
Stock taking after deadlines end  on Friday
Sunday, July 28, 2002

Moragoda, Balasingham discuss key issues in London
Issues regarding the implementation of the ceasefire agreement, preparations for direct talks in Thailand, including the agenda, and the question of an interim administration were discussed for the first time by a UNF government minister...

LTTE move to bypass Norway
The LTTE has sounded the Government on the possibility of conducting further dialogue on the ongoing peace process on a bilateral basis, leaving out Norway, which is now playing the role of a facilitator.

Mahinda's jubilee party for Anura
In an apparent move to heal a rift, Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapakse has taken the initiative for a ceremony to felicitate ex-Speaker Anura Bandaranaike on his completion of 25 years in politics.

CBK still gunning for Ravi
President Chandrika Kumaratunga is to push ahead with her move to remove Minister Ravi Karunanayake from the cabinet for alleged defamation, a spokesman for the President's Office said.

Tigers to resurrect gravestones
Gravestones of the war-dead of the LTTE are to be rebuilt by the LTTE with funds collected from civilians.

Security zones must go: TNA
With the withdrawal of security forces from schools, places of worship and public buildings, a new problem has arisen over high-security zones around those places.

AHRC raps police over torture
A Hong Kong based human rights group on Monday expressed concern at alleged routinely occurring police torture incidents in Sri Lanka and berated both the police and the government for an incident in which the father and the daughter had been tortured by police for the purpose of arresting another family member.

CEB to start work on Upper Kotmale
Despite the Government not officially giving its approval for the Upper Kotmale power project yet, the CEB is making arrangements to hold the foundation stone laying ceremony on August 15.

'No more live ammo tests'
Several cases where live ammunition has to be sent to the Government Analyst's Department for examination have been held up after last year's accidental explosion in the department which claimed the life of a female employee.

Colombo's new Archbishop Oswald Gomis, widely respected for his initiatives to bring Christianity closer to the culture and tradition of Sri Lanka, made a dramatic move yesterday by walking away from the altar during his installation service to meet Buddhist prelates. Here Archbishop Gomis is seen warmly holding hands with the Ven. Bellanwila Wimalaratana Nayake Thera while other monks gather with them during the service at St. Lucia's Cathedral in Kotahena. Pic by Dunstan Wickremaratne.


Political Column
- President in Polonnaruwa pickle

Situation Report
-Stock taking after deadlines end  on Friday

5th Column
Just call Seeni Bola to help   you, Mr. Bush

The Jungle Telegraph
- Shocking discovery

The Rajpal Abeynayake's Column
- Educating Rocca - now at a   Centre near you!

HULFTSDORP HILL - The Jaffna lawyer survives hoping for peace one day

The Sunday Times Economic Analysis
- No easy way for economic   recovery

Thoughts from London
- Like waiting for Godot, no?

Focus on Rights
- Putting Bribery and Corruption  Commission on right track

- VAT debate blown away amidst    blows

inside the glass house
- US fights shy of UN torture   protocol
By Susantha Goonatilake - Jaffna today is a wasteland


Cuba: The quality of courage

Turning tradition into a business

Dictator or doormat?
'Bourne Identity': Thriller of the Year







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