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Spider Man webs to the top

Hollywood's latest creation and box office hit 'Spider Man' is now webbing his way to the top of the MC.

Actor Toby Maguire plays Peter Parke, the man of the web. Kirsten Dunst plays opposite him and the movie is directed by Sam Raimi.

Toby Maguire has been contracted for both Spiderman II and III and like his movie character is invariably exposed to the great responsibility that comes with great power.

Kirsten Dunst or MJ (Mary Jane) as she is fondly referred to in the movie takes on the character of Spidey's sweetheart. Kirsten unlike Toby has been in mainstream movies all the way beginning her career with "Interview With The Vampire" where she played the infant bloodsucker Claudia. She also recently played key characters in Teen Movies and Chick Flicks such as "Get Over It" and "Bring It On". Spiderman changed this perky image to say Hello-oo to an exotic and feminine Dunst.

She was in the middle of Peter Bogdanovich's "The Cat's Meow'' when she heard that Sam Raimi wanted to test her for Spidey's main squeeze, Mary Jane. Raimi flew out with an ill - and so it's said less enthusiastic - Maguire to do the test.

With her fear for heights being troublesome she has also been contracted for Spiderman II and III but next up for Kirsten is Axis.

Throughout the movie, these two rising stars make an electric couple of a Spiderman and a damsel.

One thing is for certain though, Spiderman together with Toby Maugire and Kirsten Dunst have changed how people see guys in tights and damsels in distress.

'Bourne Identity': Thriller of the Year
By Harinda Vidanage

One of the most popular and durable of motion picture genres, the espionage thriller gets a fresh and altogether contemporary approach in Universal Pictures' 'The Bourne Identity'.

Director Doug Liman, acclaimed for his edgy signature films, "Swingers" and "Go", infuses Robert Ludlum's 1980 espionage yarn with an unconventional sensibility, and presents Academy Award winner Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Ocean's Eleven) as Jason Bourne a new breed of spy movie hero.

The cast also include, Franka Potente (Marie Kreutz), Chris Cooper (Ted Conklin), Clive Owen (The Professor), Julia Stiles (Nicolette), Brian Cox (Ward Abbott), Adelwale Akinnuoye-Agabaje (Nykwana Wombosi), Anthony Green (Richard Hampton), Delphine Lanson (Chloe), Gabriel Mann, Judy Parfitt.

Filmed entirely overseas, in locations including Prague, Paris and Italy. The screen writing was handled by W. Blake Herron, Tony Gilroy (Dolores Claiborne, Proof of Life), David Self (The Haunting, 13 Days) and is based upon the novel of the same title by Robert Ludlum, which was also the basis for a 1988 TV movie starring Richard Chamberlain. Ludlum died last year at the age of 74, from a heart attack

The movie opens up with a man being found at sea by the hard-bitten crew of a fishing trawler. He's been shot and stabbed and cannot remember who he is. Implanted under the skin of his thigh is a strip of microfilm. On this strip is the number for a bank account in Switzerland.

The trawler drops the man off in Barcelona and he travels across Europe to Zurich. Along the way, the man realizes that he's capable of amazing (and deadly) physical feats. At the Swiss bank, the man discovers the safety deposit box that the number on the microfilm is for; inside it is a gun, tons of money, dossiers, and six passports for various countries bearing the name "Jason Bourne."

Struggling to piece together his identity, the amnesiac Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) soon finds himself the target of assassins and manhunters.

He goes on the run across Europe, aided by a foul-mouthed, high-strung but pretty American named Marie Purcell (Marie agrees to drive Jason to Italy in return for $20,000 from his satchel full of cash. Naturally, Jason and Marie soon fall for each other and this complicates their arrangement.

Jason soon discovers that he's really a top-level assassin for the CIA who botched his last high-profile assignment. Now, his former patrons want to terminate their relationship with him. Jason must protect Marie and make a stand against those who are after him if he's to stop running from his past.

The Bourne Identity is certainly an interesting departure for producer/director Doug Liman from previously directed popular, youth-oriented fare as Swingers and Go.

This film appears to be his calling card to bigger projects with broader appeal. A film not to be missed this season.

Ajantha breaks new ground with cassette
Popular lyricist Dr.Ajantha Ranasinghe had released his debut CD and cassettein unique style, titled 'Kalpana Wijithaye'.
All the songs on this album are his own compositions sung by different singers.

The range of singers, who have used the lyrics of Dr. Ranasinghe in their musical works are wide and varied.

The list include veteran Pandit Ameradeva and many others who have etched their names in the music scene in Sri Lanka. Dr. Ranasinghe's work includes seventeen songs on themes like love, devotion, patriotism and even devotional songs sung in praise of parents.

Malani Bulathsinghala, Sisira Senaratne, Victor Ratnayake, Athula Adikari and Samitha Mudunkotuwa, Malkanthi Nandasiri, Karunaratne Diwulgane have breathed life into the words, while Gunadasa Kapuge and Niranjala Sarojani have done duets New names among the vocalist are Supriya Abeysekara, Nilantha Nimalsiri, Nirosha Pathirana.

A young musician Samantha Perera also has got a break to make a name.

Among the artistes who have done the music are Amaradeva, Sanath Nandasiri, Victor Ratnayake, H. M. Jayawardena, Rohana Weerasinghe, Sarath Dassanayake, Samantha Perera, Edward Jayakody and Ananda Gamage.

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