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Cleansing the face
Today there is a variety of cleansers to choose from. Bar cleansers may be either soap or synthetic detergent-based and labelled for different kinds of skin: dry, oily, or combination. (Soap and water will be used here to refer to any soap or detergent-based product). They may also contain medications such as anti-bacterial agents or various types of abrasives.

Liquid cleansers may be basically soap or detergent preparations that perform like soap, or they may be products that combine the attributes of soaps and creams. They may also contain anti-bacterial agents and/or exfoliants. A cream may be in the form of either a cream or a lotion.

Generally, soap and water cleansing (bar or liquid) satisfactorily cleanses the skin because soap and water efficiently remove most substances from the skin, including dirt, sweat, and other materials. But different types of skin may need different types of soap (or synthetic detergent) cleansers. Waterproof make-up is most easily removed with a cream, lotion, or liquid cleanser because it is oil - rather than water-soluble.

In many instances, the most effective skin cleansing procedure consists of first using a cream or lotion cleanser to remove make-up and then gently washing the face with soap and water to remove the oily cream residue and other water-soluble materials. If the skin is excessively oily, a cream or lotion cleanser alone will leave the skin too oily. If the skin is excessively dry, frequent soap-and-water cleansing may strip too much oil and moisture from the skin, so it may be preferable to alternate between a cream cleanser and soap and water.

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Dictator or doormat?
Does your partner always make the decisions or do you insist on telling him what to do. Try our fun quiz and find out.

1There is an important decision to be made and you don't agree with your partner. Do you:
(a) Discuss it and come to a compromise
(b) Argue until he gives in and accepts your decision
(c) Let him make the decision?

2You both come in tired after a day's work. Do you:
(a) Order a take-away and put your feet up
(b) Tell your partner it's his turn to cook a meal
(c) Head for the kitchen - your partner wouldn't know where to find a saucepan?

3Your partner usually washes the car at the weekend, but he has arranged a game of golf. Do you:
(a) Wash it yourself - it doesn't really matter who does it
(b) Insist he washes it when he comes home
(c) Wash it yourself, but feel upset that he has left you to do it

4It is your wedding anniversary, but your partner has a meeting out of town. Do you:
(a) Suggest you celebrate a day or two later when he is home
(b) Ask him to change his meeting to another day
(c) Do nothing - he usually forgets your anniversary anyway?

5You are in bed with flu. Does your partner
(a) Look after you
(b) Cook, clean and generally run the house until you are completely better
(c) Go to work as usual?

6One of the children is ill, but you have an important meeting at work. Do you:
(a) Ask your partner if he could stay home, at least for part of the day while you are at the meeting
(b) Take the day off - and while he's home he might as well tidy up and prepare an evening meal
(c) Cancel the meeting?

7One of your partner's parents is unwell. Do you:
(a) Both go round to see if you can help
(b) Tell your partner to ring first and only go round if needed
(c) Go round yourself?

8Your partner's boss rings at the weekend and asks to speak to him. Do you:
(a) Think nothing of it
(b) Tell his boss that he is not available
(c) Feel upset?

9Your child is in trouble at school. Do you:
(a) Both go to the school and speak to the teacher
(b) Send your partner and make sure he knows what to say
(c) Go by yourself?

10You had a day's holiday planned with your partner, but you have had to cancel because of a crisis at work. Do you:
(a) Try and make it up to him with a special meal in the evening, and book another day together if you can
(b) Suggest he spends the day decorating the kitchen while you are at work
(c) Rush in to work very early and try to get home by lunchtime

11Do you think marriage is
(a) An equal partnership
(b) A battle of wills which you intend to win
(c) An unequal partnership - that's just the way life is?

12 Your partner would like another child, but you are not sure. Do you:
(a) Talk about it and see if you can't persuade him to wait a while until you give it some more thought
(b) Tell him to forget the idea. You will make the decision when the time is right
(c) Agree, even though you have some misgivings?

13You have been offered a promotion at work, but your partner is not happy because it would mean longer hours. Do you:
(a) Suggest you get a cleaner to help out at home, so you will have more time at the weekend to spend together
(b) Say it is a wonderful opportunity, and he will just have to accept your decision
(c) Let yourself be persuaded that it would be a bad move?

14Your partner would love to go trekking in the Himalayas, but you hate the idea. Do you:
(a) Tell him you will miss him, but if he really wants to go, he should not miss the opportunity
(b) Tell him he is selfish and should not go
(c) Go as well, and do your best not to complain all the time

15You would love to spend a week being pampered at a health spa. Do you:
(a) Suggest that you both go and suggest that he spends the days playing golf if he does not want to enjoy the treatments at the spa
(b) Book it up, and tell your partner to keep the house clean and tidy while you are away
(c) Suggest it to your partner, but forget the idea if he doesn't want to go as well

How to score
Now count up how many times you chose (a), (b) or (c)
Mostly (a)s: Partnership - You see marriage as a partnership where both partners share equally in the decisions and the responsibilities. Your partner is lucky to have you.

Mostly (b)s: Dragon - You make sure you rule the roost in your house. Your partner may have put up with your bullying up until now, but that doesn't mean he always will. Take a good long look at your marriage and start acknowledging your partner's needs as well - or you may wake up one morning and find you are on your own.

Mostly (c)s: Doormat - You let your partner make all the decisions and are always ready to put your needs and wants after his. Maybe you are happy with the situation, but you are denying yourself the opportunity to blossom and enjoy life to the maximum. Start thinking about the way you behave towards your partner and ever so slowly start suggesting that your needs and wants are important too.

The endless circle of life
Yes men, what's the rush? I told one of my friends who was complaining that he could not wait to get a degree, a job and a family. Slow down, I said, enjoy your youth, after all you're nineteen only once...

Here is a little story about life....first you have to be born, then learn to walk, run, read and write, then you've got to get into a good school, then play sports at the same time as studying as well as being active in the various school societies and clubs. In addition to all of this, we have to please our parents, maintain academic excellence as well as appear that we are having fun...all the while.

Forget climbing trees and playing softball in the afternoons. Now we have to finish school then go straight to our next tuition class. Amidst the throngs of students present in the dimly lit fan ventilated classrooms, we are expected to learn 'even more' in order to gain that ever elusive 'A'.

Those of you who have ever attended a group class ßß would know that the objective of learning is often lost and the class merely becomes a weekly event where girls and boys of similar ages meet to chat over a milk packet and a pastry!

Then comes the year 9, 10, 11 stretch - a very crucial part of one's life. Sports, clubs, hormones and studies. Revision, endless phone calls, parties, practice, getting permission and parents; all very present in a teenager' s life.

Then as soon as the O/Level exams are finished, one's parents take over while awaiting results. Computer courses are the order of the day. Then taking finances, time and tradition into consideration, a profession is chosen. Be it medicine, law or accountancy, those doing medicine or law will then be asked to continue through the local system or go private to do London or TOEFL exams. Those doing accountancy or marketing will then go on to do CIM and CIMA, some doing ACCA. Then those opting to do banking and merchandising follow their respective routes, those doing IT will attend any one of the myriad institutions in this country. Education and gaining a qualification becomes compulsory, if one is to survive in today's competitive society.

After all the education, some say the real challenge commences. Responsibility is delegated and so is trust. One is asked to form and maintain corporate relationships all under the watchful eye of management. The nine to five existence becomes a way of life. Less happiness, more stress. One looks forward to the weekends more and more. Internal power struggles become a daily battle. The repetitive boredom of work becomes unbearable and the only certain escape is the comfort and reassurance of a life partner.

And so the next challenge begins. Not only must one be 'qualified', we must also have good breeding, good prospects, and looks.

Love, well that's an optional bonus. After a tedious selection process, a winner is found and so the day dawns. The call of everlasting commitment beckons.

A few years later, the honeymoon and first anniversary behind them, the happy couple set to work on creating heirs. Much to the delight of the couple's parents, grandchildren are presented and then the cycle begins. Kindergarten, getting into a good school, developing a good character and most of all, moulding an individual that the parents would be proud of.

After the children comes the enormous cost. This is supplemented by work, the return of course, is being the proud parents of a child whose achievements bring pride to the family. And so on and so on goes the eternal cycle of spending....

A few years later, retired, children qualified, married and grandchildren on the way, life is all good....Yet attending funerals of peers, thoughts that soon you too will be called to that big party up in the skies start to flow through one's head. And so with that ends life...

Happiness, sorrow, stress, pain, tears and fears are all just highlights, but remember while living one's life, don't forget to get one....


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