Eight foreign teams for 'Patana' International 7s
Isipatana College, will be celebrating their "Golden Jubilee" in Sept. They will sandwich the anniversary with an International Schools Rugby Sevens 2002.
One time known as Greenlands College the school with their small beginnings has made a name on and off the field since 1952.

Today Isipatana is a household name when it comes to rugby, producing some of the best for the country at national level. This was revealed at media confab held at the Grand Oriental Hotel, by its rugby Chairman Dilroy Fernando. Principal Upali Gunasekera chaired the confab. The beautiful sport was introduced in 1963, since then they have proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Imagine for the first during the Sri Lankan Welsh tour the Sri Lankan national team had 10 from "Patana" - including the Captain, Hisham Abdeen.

Fernando said they have received tremendous support all round - well-wishers and the OBA. The International Schools' Rugby 7s is another first for Sri Lanka which aims to promote sports and tourism in the country.

Already six foreign teams have confirmed their participation - England, Australia, India, Dubai, Russia and Qatar. Only eight teams are eligible besides the eight local schools. Five other foreign teams which have agreed to participate are Thailand, Malaysia, S'pore, New Zealand and Portugal.

Two teams from Australia, NSW County School, Lloyd Mcdermott School But only one team will be accommodated on a first come first serve basis. Among the local schools Isipatana (hosts), Royal, Thurstan, Combined Schools (Ruhuna), Trinity, St. Peter's, Wesley, St. Anthony's Kandy, and Vidyartha. Only eight teams will be in the scrum. The ongoing season's performance will decide their eligibility.

The Sri Lankan National Airline will be the Official Carrier, G.O.H. will afford the teams (accommodation), N Car Sports will supply the Official Apparel, Dialog GSM, Glaxo, SmithKline, Beecham, Freight Link, Union Assurance, Casilan, The Tourist Board, Raffles Food have weighed in with their support. With a view to help develop rugby in the country CR & FC has given their grounds free of charge, on Sept. 7 and 8.

A project of this magnitude is not all that easy which needs men and material (funds) but the 'Patana' Rugby Committee have taken up the challenge through an unstinted team effort where everyone has rallied around to make it a reality.

Ministeries of Sports and Education, the Sri Lanka Rugby Union, The Schools Rugby (section), Asian Rugby Football Union and the IRB has given its blessings for this great happening. This will help bring about fellowship and understanding among the participating (foreign) and local school boys. It will help boost the game and country's image.

It will be under floodlights played in a typical carnival atmosphere for all to enjoy. The matches will kick off at 10 a.m. On a suggestion by the media though no gate is charged, it was agreed that Rs. 10 be levied per person to be given to a charitable organisation (disabled).

Foreign international referees: John Wale (England),J.Caplan (S.Africa), Pornchai (Thai), Brat Faxon (NZ), a lady referee Rachel Sara Allan (Switzerland)- BW

Crusaders' Colours for Robert at Cambridge
Robert Senanayake, the former Thomian skipper and President of the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) underwent higher studies in the University of Cambridge in England. Just before he embarked on his trip abroad the Sports Causerie, the sports section of The Ceylon Causerie in its September 1932 issue highlighted his trip under the headline: Ceylonese at the English 'Varsities. We reproduce that article here.

Robert Senanayake, the former Thomian skipper and President of the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) underwent higher studies in the University of Cambridge in England. Just before he embarked on his trip abroad the Sports Causerie, the sports section of The Ceylon Causerie in its September 1932 issue highlighted his trip under the headline: Ceylonese at the English 'Varsities. We reproduce that article here.

Robert Senanayake, the younger son of the Hon. Mr. D.S. Senanayake, one of the best school cricketers of the present generaton, leaves for England this month to prosecute his studies at Cambridge. He played five years for S. Thomas' College and like a distinguished predecessor of his, Douglas de Saram - he was Captain of the School team in his last three years.

He played first in 1927, and was one of the Thomian team that beat the S. Peter's Adelaide XI. He attracted general attention in this match by an all round display of much promise. Senanayake succeeded his brother, Dudley Senanayake, in the captaincy of his School XI, and his numerous feats of batting need no reiteration.

He follows his brother to Corpus Christi College, and given normal health we have no doubt that Senanayake will add to the distinction earned at the 'Varsities by Ceylon men. It is interesting to recall the names of Ceylonese who reached the highest flight of varsity cricket without obtaining the coveted 'Blue'. At Oxford, J.A. de Silva, the old Trinitian, almost got there.

He played with success for the University and had the rare honour of beeing awarded his Harlequin Cap. M. Saravannamuttu and old Thomian Captain, played in the Seniors Trials, and got as far as the Authentics Colours, corresponding to the Crusaders Colours, at Cambridge. This year F.C. de Saram, an old Royalist Captain, played in the Freshman's match and C.H.W. de Soysa, another old Royalist, in a Senior Trial and was awarded his Authentics Colours.

At Cambridge, Sheltion de Saram, an old Thomian, played both in the Freshmen's and Seniors matches, and was a Crusader. He was the first Ceylon man to play in representative cricket at the Universities. Hector Gunasekera, the present All Ceylon Captain, an old Royalist Captain, played in the Perambulators vs Etceteras match, probably the most important trial game at Cambridge, and was also a Crusader. S. Saravanammttu, the old Thomian Captain, played with great success in the Freshmen's match and in subsquent trials and played for the 'Varsity in several matches. C.T. Van Geyzel, the Athletic Blue and old Royalist, played with success in the Freshman's Match in which G.O. Allen, now in the All England side, played. He played once in the University side against Somerset. Both Saravanamuttu and van Geyzel were Crusaders. We confidently anticipate that Robert Senanayake will follow in the distinguished wake of the above.

Lankans have proved their ability - Speed
By Bernie Wijesekera
It's going to be champagne cricket in Sri Lanka come September, 2002 with the staging of the ICC Champion's Trophy, with the cream of the World's top cricketers representing their teams. No doubt Sri Lanka has proved themselves their ability in organising international contests in the past which proved an instant success.

Now the World body has decided for the first time to stage the ICC Champions' Trophy where ten test playing nations with two associate members will pad up the prelude before the next World Cup to be held in S. Africa next year.

Mr. Malcolm Speed, the ICC Chief Executive was here at the launching of the Champions' Trophy at the Taj Samudra. He was associated by the Minister of Sports, Johnston Fernando and the Chairman of the Cricket Board's Int. Committee, Hemaka Amerasuriya.

Speed took off with much speed amid rounds of applause. He said an occasion that Sri Lanka will be afforded for the first time to stage this contest - that, too for a once in a life-time its cricket crazy fans will be afforded of watching the tournament worked off at one city, one country rather than spreading its wings to other nations (like the '96 W.C. staged in the sub-continent when Sri Lanka emerged champions in Lahore defeating Australia).

Over 800 million fans watching on the screen worldwide - (from Sept. 12-30) Via cricket it will promote Sri Lanka's image and boost the country's tourism, too. Whatever money accrued from these international contests will spread the gospel of cricket worldwide and develop the game at grassroots level.

The Minister of Sports, Johnston Fernando, commended the ICC and thanked its CEO, Malcolm Speed for affording the opportunity to Sri Lanka to stage the ICC Trophy Championship.

Hemaka Amerasuriya, the Chairman of the Int. Committee (BCCSL), said, cricket is a great sport of character building. Sri Lanka has some best venues in the world for the willow-wielding sport. The Lankans have hosted affiliated nations' championship. Today in recognition of our ability for organisation we have been given the right to host the ICC Championship 2002.

'Cricket is fast becoming a global sport. Hope within our life-span we see cricket reaching greater heights (status) as football', Amarasuriya said. He thanked all those who are supporting it from home and abroad and the media.

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