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Sunday June 22, 2003

PM holds legal talks in London
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is to seek expert legal advice in London before formulating the UNF government's fresh proposals to meet the Tiger guerilla demand for a 'politico administrative interim structure' for the north-east.

Kotelawala says Corea well looked after
Former UNCTAD Secretary General Gamani Corea is "well looked after, perfectly happy and not a prisoner as claimed", a spokesman for Ceylinco Chairman Lalith Kotelawala assures in response to recent media reports that the internationally renowned economist is being held in wrongful confinement at his private residence in Colombo.

Soldier hit by mystery gas
The military has launched an investigation into the case of a soldier falling ill after he is suspected to have inhaled a poisonous smoke while being deployed at a Forward Defence Line (FDL) in the Welioya area.

Milinda's security beefed up
Positioning of a sniper at an elevated position at the residence of Minister Milinda Moragoda, one of government's key peace negotiators, is among the additional security provided to the Minister from this week.

Jayalath out hook and line
Northern fishing which has been swirling in troubled waters since the war began has been plunged into further controversy with the Minister in charge of Hindu Affairs being appointed to take charge of it.

India tells TULF to check LTTE
India has urged the TULF to stop supporting the LTTE's hardline position and to use its influence to end the LTTE's killings of rival party members. Indian High Commissioner Nirupam Sen during a 90-minute discussion with TULF leaders also called them to settle their internal disputes.

JVP seeks top post in coalition
The JVP is demanding the top post in the proposed coalition with the SLFP, prompting the SLFP to create a new position with wide powers to accommodate President Chandrika Kumaratunga.

The mother of EPRLF (Varathan) wing member Thambirajah Subathiran grieving over her son's death moments before his cremation at the General Cemetery in Borella. He was one of the 35 victims of a killing spree carried out by the LTTE, the self-proclaimed sole representatives of the Tamil people. Pic by Gemunu Wellage


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