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18th February 2001
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Going bananas

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Going bananas

Posing amidst a banana grove is Manik, our cover girl this week. Manik models an outfit from the Inspirations collection. Her hair and make-up were by Purnima Abeyratne and she was photographed by Anuruddha Medawattegedera 

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  • You are beautiful! 
  • Hello…help it's a dog…hello.. 
  • Don't tax my cerebral cortex 
  • Watch what you say 
    A reader replies 
  • You are beautiful!

    Dear Mir , ("teen blues" published on January 28) 

    Honey your time will come - maybe there is more planned for you than a silly fleeting teenage romance - maybe you are being spared all that teen superficiality because you are to serve this higher purpose in the future which you aren't aware of. We are all part of God's creation - you are beautiful - I haven't met you but I can tell; as for the guys, trust me they will come - not just the superficial punks who only care about looks - but there will be men who will cherish you for your intelligence, integrity and your true worth. In the meantime experience life to the fullest - don't wallow in self pity - because that is where true ugliness does lie. Be thankful that you are smart , be thankful that you are alive , be thankful that you have an opportunity to study and learn, be thankful for who you are . Look in that mirror and say out aloud - 'I am beautiful and I have a right to be happy....'I know at 17 it's hard not to get bogged down in the realities of teenage life - i.e. guys , friends etc: But the truth is there's more to life than having the perfect hair or figure or having that perfect guy - (and as for dark skin - honey we are Sri Lankan : what kinda skin do you think we should be having??? - that has to be the dumbest thing to feel low about - don't dishonour yourself by loathing your own skin - all that 'gals should be fair and lovely' is rubbish - we are who we are :black is beautiful - don't be ashamed!) Don't let people make you feel bad about yourself - but most of all don't let YOU make yourself feel bad about you... there is a time for everything - and your time to shine will come soon - just be patient honey..... Take care. 


    Hello…help it's a dog…hello..

    I was dropping some stuff off for my sister at her friend's place the other day. They have a dog in this house, not your average cute kind...more like the killer dog kind(in my mind anyway)...in addition, anyone who knows me also knows that I have a slight aversion to dogs and do a little dance every time I see one. 

    Anyway I ring the door bell and at that moment my sister's phone rings...the side to me that tends to be really rude and abrupt on the phone, answers "yeah...?" So I'm going "yeah, ya, & yeah" when I see killer-dog running towards me and I scream "balla, balla",probably into the phone(technically I should have been yelling 'ballek' but that's another story). 

    Chaos for like 3 minutes while the person who opened the gate laughs his head off and then I hear the guy on the phone saying "this girl is nothing like her sister...she is so $*#@% rude" ...and the line goes dead. Needless to say, I had some explaining to do. 

    Don't tax my cerebral cortex

    Finally ..............space to breathe and relax. Yeah, exams are over. Being in uni is definitely not what they picture it to be in SVU books and Beverly Hills. It's not just all about making friends, losing some, learning lessons and joining fraternities. It has got a lot to do with ACTUALLY studying! Especially if it's med school, but then I guess the dental, business, agriculture or arts faculty students have no less complaints , right? Life two weeks before exam time was just a countdown to THE BIG DAY. 

    It was a routine of up early with the birds and up late with the owls, trying to fixate every single thing in the lectures and notes, in my already saturated cerebral cortex (don't worry, that's just a fixed up, fancy medical word for brain. ) Life was eating either outside, or not eating at all. It was using up my entire stock of coffee and sugar for those late night study sessions. 

    I was having my lectures spread all over my room, having little yellow notes on particularly hard points stuck everywhere and marking cutaneous innervation on my own skin. 

    Thank God, that my mom wasn't there, for one sight at my room would leave her wondering if there had been a cyclone! 

    The blanket was never folded, the bed never made and clothes never washed . My cupboard was just one big mixture if I should say so myself. 

    Final week: tension sets in. Just listening to the clock tick, gives me tachycardia ( increased heart beat) Then it's the BIG DAY. Just in time. A few minutes early. All fixed up , medical coat and credit book in hand. Then papers handed out....but what's this? Everything in my head swirling around with cerebrospinal fluid! No, stabilize yourself, this is it, you've got to do good... 

    What did you prepare for? Then the juices start flowing,and the wheels start turning. Hey, this isn't so bad, for a guy with a sign in his office saying 

    "Rule 1: the boss is always right. Rule 2: if the boss is wrong check the first rule" the paper is not bad! Exams over, now the suspense of results. Countdown to 12 o'clock tomorrow. 12 :00's here, I've done good, so I relax right, take it easy? NO! One exam down, one more to go! Start preparing again. Whoever said life was just one big examination, really knew what he was talking about! 


    Watch what you say

    "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me". Does that adage ring true anymore? I think not. In fact, words can hurt the most. Harsh words, uttered in the spur of the moment, can sting like nothing else can. 

    They gnaw at your very core. Criticism in its worst form can undermine your soul, lower your morale and make you regard yourself as a failure. When a parent criticises a child- don't they realise how their words can leave a lasting impact ? Their intentions may be to improve the child, but the result is only a lowering of self esteem, and a feeling of dejection. No good can possibly be wrought from such a situation. Furthermore, is there really anything like constructive criticism? Advice is constructive- criticism can only be destructive. There are other ways of correcting a person than by making them feel small and unworthy. Therefore, I suppose the best advice would be to hold your tongue and guard your temper before those hasty words slip out and wound someone you care about. Blueberry


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