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18th February 2001

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C&C Show 2001

By Sanath Weerasuriya

The duo C&C, popularly known as Chandani and Chaminda is planning to have their very first concert 'C&C 2001' on March 3 at the Bishop's College auditorium.

'C&C show 2001' will feature Chandani and Chaminda backed by a trio comprising Ashok Mendis on guitar, Batison Bolonne on rhythm guitar, Kishok Mendis on percussion. The additional support vocal score will be provided by Dilrukshi Galappaththi of Ebony and Sujeeva Wickre-masekera.

Sunil Perera of Gypsies and Annesley Malawana of vintage 'Moonstones' fame will be doing guest spots.

The dance items will enliven the show.

The show will be compered by Faizal Bongso and Hemasiri Halpita.

The tickets are priced at Rs. 300/= and Rs. 500/=.

The show is sponsored by Kumari Higgoda.

Rock fans meet at Hikkaduwa

Sri Lanka's first ever professional surf championships will be held in Hikkaduwa from February 21-24.

'Surf Championship 2000' sponsored by SriLankan Airlines will bring some of the top international surfers to Sri Lanka.

With the surfing heat Hikkaduwa beach will get ready to have the biggest 'Rock Festival' in the country.

Rock Festival will feature some of the top names in the rock and Raggae music, such as "Rattlesnake', Exodus, 'Kreb Cycle' and Euphoria. The location for the festival is Mambo's, one of the popular joints in the area.

Surfing in the morning and rocking in the night will be the newest experience in the area. The "DJ's Sound Factor" with Hikkaduwa's very own percussion Kings 'VIBS' will also be featured at this festival.

The opening night (February 21) will feature Exodus, Kreb Cycle and DJs. On Thursday, February 22 Rattlesnake and VIBS with DJs will rock the area. Euphoria with DJs will be featured on Friday, February 23.

This surfing championships is organised by the Japanese Professional Surfers Association and the Association of the International Professional Surfers. The Japanese surfers will have their tournament on February 21 and 22, while the tournament on February 23 and 24 will be open for international participation.

The tournament will be marketed by SriLankan Airlines around its route network and the events will be held in Hikkaduwa from 6.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. each day.

The awards ceremony will be held at Coral Gardens Hotel, Hikkaduwa on the evening of February 24, SriLankan Airlines hopes to make this event which marks a watershed in Sri Lanka's sports calendar, an annual one.

Ranjith has walked the long hard road

By Susitha R. Fernando

Ranjith Rubasinghe's face has a familiarity which his name does not have among audiences of both small and silver screen.

After being in the scene for nearly 15 years this situation has come up as viewers are more impressed by his talent. They for a moment do not bother to find out who he is.

Ranjith was first introduced to the mini screen in Jayampathi Wimaladharma's "Sathutu Kandulu" (Happy Tears) playing a insignificant role. From then he had been playing various parts under most of the well known teledrama and film directors in the country.

Ranjith is not merely a actor but an all rounder in the medium with his involvement as assistant director and production manager.

He had been assisting in around twenty films and when asked the number of teledramas he had done his reply was "even I cannot remember".

Apart from acting Ranjith has been assistant director, art director and editor. This may be one reason for his near anonymity until recently.

Doing his part superbly behind the screen has helped many well known film directors. Among his works are Lester James Peiris' English film "Village by the Sea" and "Wekande Walauwa" in which he also plays a role of a revolutionary. Sumithra Peiris's "Loku Duwa" (Elder Daughter), D. B. Nihalsinghe in his film "Keli Madala" and Prasanna Withanage's "Pavuru Walalu" (Walls Within).

Ranjith treasures his meeting with the doyen of Sinhala cinema Lester James Peiris since it provided him the opportunity to learn the craft from one in Sri Lanka. Joining the production crew, Ranjith played a part in Lester's film "Avaragira".

Clad in white shirt and a trouser he did the role of a classmate with "Sugath" and "Dhammi" in the teledrama "Golu Hadawatha" directed by Lester and based and the novel written by Karunasena Jayalath. He played parts in "Gahanu Lamai" (Girls) and "Giraya" directed by Sumithra and Lester Peiris.

Born in "Marabe" in Akuressa he is an old boy of Rahula College Matara. As a youth he came from Akuressa to Colombo for a job as a security officer in CWE when he was just 17 years. But he sacrificed this for his love for drama and film.

His success in this venture has not gone into his head.

He won a nomination for the upcoming actor at the last Sumathi Tele Awards about which he said the nomination itself was a win for me.

Ranjith despite his heavy commitments spoke elegantly of those who helped him to come up though not by name as the number was large.

The young actor Ranjith holds his audience captivated as 'Sathare' in "Ek Murganganaviyak" which is now being telecast.

Equally experienced in both acting and direction Ranjith wishes to direct a teledrama but financial constraints keeps him away from his desire.

Sajith: Man of many parts

Sajith Rohitha, a young yet talented artist has released his latest novel "Sihinaye Sarasanda".

Sajith began his career on stage in 1985 acting in the play 'Depa Neththo' and later produced 'Sihina Yathra' which was staged in 1986. Subsequently, he acted in several other stage plays 'Gamanaka Nimawa', 'Perata Ya' and 'Baladariya Visin'.

Assisting in the direction of the block buster film 'Ali Baba Saha Horu Hathaliya', Sajith proved that his talent was not limited to the stage only.

His attempt at professional journalism took him to the Times and Lanakadeepa Group where he showed his talents as a journalist and later was the chief sub editor of 'Sirivimana' and 'Kedella'.

In addition Sajith is also a lyric writer, script writer and a radio programme producer.

After several years of abence from the limelight he is planning to stage his second play 'Sannaha Sannadha'.

Anxious wait ends in ecstasy

By Tania Fernando

Some were seated and others standing in groups sipping drinks and having a snack, waiting for 'da sweat' concert to begin. By 7.30 pm the crowd was gathering at the BMICH car park and you could have felt the anticipation for the promised 'da sweat' concert to begin.

The weather was perfect for the out-door concert. Cool breeze swept through the BMICH where everyone was keeping an eye on the stage while engrossed in small talk and sipping a cool drink. By 8.00 pm you could feel the tension building, and the crowd getting restless and few solitary whistles and shouts for Inner Circle to make their appearance.

A local band from Down South called "Vibe" made their appearance to keep the crowd going till 'da sweat' concert begins. The crowd of more than 4000 people waiting anxiously for "Inner Circle" and those at the back knowing that something was about to happen kept pushing their way forward.

The stage built in the car park of the BMICH stood with a banyan tree making the back of the stage. The few coloured spot lights were dimmed before the group took its stand. The stage came alive with many lights coming on by 8.30 pm Inner Circle finally was on stage to loud applause and much excitement and 'da sweat' concert took off.

The crowds that were seated suddenly ran towards the stage in a frenzy when they started their performance with a bang. The songs that got the crowd swinging were their famous hits, "Hit me with the bomb, Sweat, The Games people play, and Bad Boys."

Three lucky girls were called on stage to the envy of the rest of the crowd. The girls got a chance to dance with the group members and were swaying their hips, while the rest of the crowd were clapping their hands and singing along with them.

'Da sweat' concert was cooled down when the band members took bottles of mineral water and splashed on the sweaty audience to try and cool them down.

Inner Circle got the crowd going with their hands swinging and dancing and shouting out that they have heard that Sri Lankans could sing. In the middle of their performance they threw a few towels as souvenirs to the crowds who were trying hard to grab one for themselves.

"One love, one heart, lets get together and feel alright", was their final song, calling out to everyone out there to swing their hands in the air and feel the love and music around them.

The group consists of six members who hail from Jamaica and have had several international hits to their credit. They have been in this industry for more than 20 years.

Goldi Sands: A pioneer resort

By Sanath Weerasuriya

Goldi Sands Hotel is situated in the golden beach strip of Negombo, just about 20 minutes away from the Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake.

Goldi Sands Hotel one of the pioneering resorts in the area just completed its, 26th anniversary last year. The hotel commenced its operation with a 35-room facility in 1974.

'Our first group was from Sweden', said Eric Suriyasena, the Chairman of the Hotel.

It has was among the first few hotels that transformed the sleepy fishing village of Ethukala which had a magnificent wide stretch of beach now popularly referred to as the 'Sunset Strip', Negombo still retains its image as the largest fishing centre in Sri Lanka.

Goldi Sands have developed over the years adding a further 40 rooms in stages. Today with a total of 75 air-conditioned rooms, the Hotel plays host to visitors from most countries in Europe, with the majority arriving from Germany, the United Kingdom and Holland.

Future development already planned for are the construction of 40 Deluxe rooms and banqueting facilities on a 90-perch block of land adjoining the existing property by the end of 2001. This proves that the Hotel is gearing itself to meet the challenges in the new Millennium, Mr. Suriyasena said.

All its 75 rooms are with a sea view from the private balcony. The restaurant offers a wide variety of European, Oriental dishes and seafood specialities.

The cosy bar serves a range of cocktails including imported and local spirits, wines and beers.

Managing Director, L.W.A. Fernando said, the bar and restaurant areas have changed rapidly over the years to accommodate the increasing guests and standards.

Mr. Fernando is proud to have been associated with the hotel for the past 24 years as the MD.

'I recall the early days when we started with only 35 rooms. Over the years a swimming pool, recreational areas and more rooms were added to increase the room strength to 75', he said.

'In the early seventies the rates charged were very low compared to present day standards. I still remember the jubilation amongst the staff when the service charge reached Rs. 200/= , he added.

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