ISSN: 1391 - 0531 

Vol. 34-No. 08 For a catch in a tank

25th July 1999

TV bribe: a script from the actor


The Sunday Times Team

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  • The Editorial - Con-reforms & politricks
  • The Political Column - It's package politics again
  • Situation Report - Russian patrol craft for Sri Lanka Navy
  • The Fifth Column - He came, he saw and he went away
  • Rajpal Abeynayake's Column - Press power, bottle logic and theMafia Minister
  • Hulftsdorp Hill - Exposing mess in law enforcement agencies
  • Outside Politics - *Music, music, music*Porno peddlers
  • The Jungle Telegraph - *Whose voice?*Radio call*Death after Caesarian*PLOTE deserters*Lost
  • Business

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