Warning to stop possible visit of exiled Tibetan monk at Amarapura invite  If not for his cultivated sublime equanimity, it may have come as a rude shock for the Malwatte Chapter’s Maha Nayaka, custodian monk of the sacred Tooth Relic, the Most Venerable Tibbatuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangalabidana Thera to be told this week by a [...]


Dalai Lama bombshell with love from China to Malwatte monks


  • Warning to stop possible visit of exiled Tibetan monk at Amarapura invite 

If not for his cultivated sublime equanimity, it may have come as a rude shock for the Malwatte Chapter’s Maha Nayaka, custodian monk of the sacred Tooth Relic, the Most Venerable Tibbatuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangalabidana Thera to be told this week by a top Chinese Embassy official that he should not welcome the exiled Tibetan Dalai Lama in Sri Lanka.

The amazing warning, that if the Dalai Lama was welcomed in Sri Lanka then the nation will have to suffer dire consequences, came at an audience granted to the Chinese mission’s Charge d’affairs, Hu Wei by the Malwatte Maha Nayaka at his residential temple.

A little known invite to the island had been extended by Waskaduwe Mahindawansa Nayaka Thera, a senior scholar monk of the Amarapura Nikaya, along with a group of senior monks, when he had met him at Bodhi Gaya on December 27. The Thera said: ‘I invited, hoping that His Holiness’ visit will bring blessings to Lanka.’

Instead, the news alone has invited an evil Chinese curse to fall on Lanka’s head; and if she doesn’t fall in line with China’s wishes, she will be damned.

It is understandable that paranoid China should tremble when even a distant prospect of the living incarnate of Tibet’s religious oppression visiting a foreign country, looms in view. It resurrects China’s invasion and occupation of the once free mountainous Buddhist Kingdom on the ‘roof of the world’.

What cannot be fathomed is why, when a simple message from the ambassador conveying Sino displeasure to the genuflecting Sri Lankan government, would have sufficed to get the 88-year-old Dalai Lama declared ‘persona-non-grata’ for life, a high-ranking embassy official had to take to the hills to stage his theatrics?

Was it necessary for its Charge d’affaires, Hu Wei, to stir the meditative quietude of the Malwatte Nayaka Thera, the joint Head of the Siam sect, and make a song and dance about a suggested visit of the Dalai Lama at the invitation of a senior Nayaka Thera of the Amarapura sect? Would it not risk causing friction between two Nikayas, when the invitation by one sect is questioned at another sect’s court?

Was it at all necessary for him to rubbish the exiled spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhism, branding Dalai Lama as ‘not being a simple monk as he has self-claimed but a political exile disguised as a religious figure, the head of a feudal serfdom and Tibetan Theocracy’?

Was it not also impertinent of Hu Wei to threaten the Maha Nayaka Thera that ‘Dalai Lama’s sneaky visit must be stopped or else Lanka will face the consequences’?

Furthermore, he also gave a political lecture on the Chinese version of Tibet’s chequered history. He says, ‘Tibet is not an independent country but a part of China, just like Jaffna or Kandy are a part of Sri Lanka.’

THEATRICS AT THE TEMPLE: Chinese Charge d’affaires, Hu Wei’s song and dance act before the Malwatte Maha Nayaka on Tuesday over Dalai Lama’s visit

It is true that Tibet had a turbulent past and had come under Chinese and Mongolian domination. But from 1913 until Communist Chinese invaded in 1950, Tibet remained an independent state. As for Jaffna and Kandy, though there were different petty kingdoms in the island, like India had her Maharaj Pranths, does Lanka’s history hold them as ‘independent sovereign states’ in modern sense?

If the propaganda lesson was not enough, Hu Wei turns the charm on, saying, ‘’When it is a good time, everybody is your friend but when it is a bad time, you know who is your true friend.’

True, as we found out last year, only India extended a credit line and sent shiploads of oil, food stuffs and medicines during the worst of the crisis.  China merely twiddled her thumbs and refused to restructure debt.  But Hu Wei nonchalantly says, “It doesn’t matter what happened before. We must focus on what is happening now and in the future’.  Hu Wei has the audacity to tell this to the Maha Nayaka who is well versed in the Buddhist doctrine of how the karmic past mould the present and the future.

What was the bizarre need for Hu Wei‘s double act of the carrot and sledge hammer? When we all know how China can make or break us, why, gloating on our pathetic plight, rub it in?

It’s true that we cannot refuse China’s demand. We have bartered our sovereignty and have no leg to stand on but swing if China tightens the noose already around our collective necks.   But now that we have realised the folly of our absurd deeds, and are resigned to our fate, the last thing we needed was for some ‘Dalai Lama’ phobia’ driven Chinese dragon, breathing hellfire, to dance on the grave of our tragedy, threatening, bullying, browbeating Buddhist monks at the nation’s holiest of holies, when a simple phone call by the ambassador to the Lankan Foreign Office  could  have saved the hot and bother.

And especially saved Hue Wei a whale of embarrassment since the Tibetan government-in-exile in Dharamshala, India announced on Thursday that ‘His Holiness was invited by a Lankan delegation but he did not commit to any date and has no plans to visit at the moment.’

Hu Wei had jumped the gun whilst the Dalai Lama had merely sentenced the invite to the pile of invites he responds with ‘Regrets’.


Harry didn’t sell the silver but sold out the family and nation

  • Britain faces fallout from Harry’s ‘I killed 25 Taliban’ boast

If Harry Windsor had been living in Lanka, the consummate power his wife Megan Markle has over him would undoubtedly, be put down to the work of a hooniyam,

Once a proud prince of royal blood, now a pathetic 38-year-old insult to manhood, Harry has been reduced to a whingeing, cringing, crying coward who has surrendered his body and soul to Megan worship and devoted the little he has left of his insignificant life to stay prostrate in servile service at the Markle altar.

Not that Megan had any need to resort to oils or mantras or feed enchanted food or pass charmed strings to leave him enamoured of her, in the manner local kattadiyas claim to do with their ‘vashi’ spells.

THE INFALLIBLES: Harry and Megan,their truth, the only truth


Instead, she has resorted to the no less devious western strategy of the new Californian hogwash of warped pseudo religious synthetic morality that is tailor-made to pander to its new High Priestess Megan’s narcissists’ cult.

And it’s no less, nay, infinitely more, potent than witchcraft’s black magic.

Megan has used her mantra of non-racism, non-sexism, non-transgender discrimination, black subjugation by white colonial supremacists and repeated the same ad nauseum to brainwash the lad’s mind.

With trivial, pedantic, unintended acts held up and spun, blown out of proportion as throbbing proof of racism, sexism, gender discrimination, Megan has fed and reinforced his vacillating  mind with California’s perverse ‘cancel culture’.

Megan has used the psalms in the narcissists’ gospel as silky threads to ensnare and cocoon, this mindless royal larva, and leave it entangled, dangling from her remorseless web; and, with her cosmetic tears as the aromatic oil to balm his persecution fears, this ex B grade, soap opera, biracial, divorced actress has made Harry seek salvation in her Madonna image as the one, true God.

Now, after rubbishing the royal family and hanging the sovereign’s linen in public, after calling his father, the king, a liar and his brother, a brute, after casting aspersions on his late  grandma for staying aloof during the family feud and branding his step mother as wicked, after selling the intimate goings on behind Palace walls and earning , with his wife, over a hundred million dollars for throwing mud at them, Harry wants a reconciliation and pathetically bleats: ‘I want my father back, my brother back’.

He has spewed his venom and spat out his vitriolic hatred on his royal sire and family whom, he knows, cannot answer back since royal protocol perforce demands his family to maintain a dignified silence; and to abide by British aristocracy’s motto: ‘Never complain, never explain’.

Therefore, safely shielded from return fire, he fires at will against his own defenceless flesh and blood regardless of the pain he spawns, with the same bravery he had displayed from the relative safety of a helicopter cockpit, clattering his machine gun to slaughter 25 Taliban exposed on ground, gloating on the carnage, in his ghost-written book, that it was as easy as ‘removing chess pieces from the board.’

But the fallout from his gloating has not only damaged the royal family but also the nation and its institutions.

This week, Iran blasted Britain, saying Britain had no right to complain on Iran executing a British-Iranian dual national Akbari on spying charges. Iran tweeted: ‘The British regime – whose Royal Family member sees the killing of 25 innocent people as removal of chess pieces –  turn a blind eye to this war crime, and are in no position to preach others on human rights.”

Now that their torturous Netflix six-part series and his insufferable memoirs have earned them more than 100 million dollars, are they done with their litany of petty complaints and destructive hates? Is it safe to return to the water?

Apparently not. Megan has already announced her plans to hang her personal linen in her own memoirs, to be published later this year; in a last-ditch attempt to wring the last million dollar worth of drops from its public airing.



PM DINESH: Cabinet didn’t order

Sorry seems to be the easiest word to deflect accountability

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena told Parliament on Tuesday that neither he nor the cabinet had ordered his Home Affairs Ministry Secretary Hapuhinna to send a directive to all district secretaries not to accept local election deposits.

The denial came after Hapuhinna had claimed last week that the cabinet had ordered him to send the controversial circular. Both the Election Commission and the Opposition had demanded his head for a blatant attempt to throw the spanner into the election process.

Prime Minister Dinesh did not exactly cast Hapuhinna to the wolves, as he should have done had his Secretary been solely responsible for his rogue action. Instead, he sought to airbrush this constitutional violation by feebly explaining:  ‘ Hapuhinna withdrew his order on the same day. There had been similar incidents where Ministry Secretaries withdrew orders made earlier on.’

Do they really, now? No wonder the public sector is rife with indiscipline when vacillating Ministry Secretaries are in the habit of recalling their magisterial circulars swiftly on second thoughts in the manner Gotabaya reversed gazettes.

But is that sufficient reason to excuse and forgive government officers’ lack of due diligence in issuing orders to their assistants? Especially an order that may be tantamount to a serious constitutional violation and has a bearing on local government elections?

HAPUHINNA: Cabinet did, but sorry, acted

Election Commission members were in a foul temper last week, berating Secretary Hapuhinna and cabinet for daring to trespass on their terrain. They held the Home Secretary’s order an unwarranted intrusion into their constitutional domain and summoned Hapuhinna to account for his action with a view to taking legal measures.

Hapuhinna duly arrived at the Election Commission’s office last Friday. The Election Commission said Hapuhinna had stated that he ‘had only acted to implement a cabinet decision’ but had later withdrawn it. He had promised not to do it again and had apologised to the Commission’.

Apparently, Hapuhinna’s apology has worked wonders. It has smoothed ruffled feathers and soothed frayed tempers, and a once wrathful band of election knights who had demanded his blood and scalp, were now reduced to clay, more than willing to grant the repentant Secretary earthly forgiveness.

On Tuesday, the same day when the Prime Minister had denied in the House that it was a cabinet order, the Election Commission Chairman Nimal Punchihewa told newspapers: “He had come here and apologised and it is therefore over’.

Funny, isn’t it, how a simple ‘sorry’ can sweep a gross discrepancy between a  Prime Minister’s denial in Parliament and his Secretary’s contrary assertion, in his explanation to the Election Commission, brazenly beneath the carpet away from public scrutiny?

PUNCHIHEWA: He said sorry, so it’s all okay

A timely ‘sorry’ seems to have put an end to the search for the liar, just as a ‘suicide verdict’ justifies calling off the manhunt for the killer.

Ever since former President Chandrika Kumaratunga branded Lanka’s Constitution as a ‘bahubhutha’, or devilish constitution to justify her own failures, it has become an iconic scapegoat for the nation’s leaders to pile their own follies to escape from public censure.

This 45-year-old convenient national mascot, sometimes reverently showcased in its judicial pen, sometimes despised in the political bazaar as the nation’s black sheep, has been blamed for the thousand and one besetting ills that have befallen this country, yet none has come forward to lead it to slaughter.

So it survives intact, save for the occasional shear to increase the warp and woof of executive power with neither its Kashmiri coat nor its rich milk ever used to further the public weal.

But if the checks and balances contained in the constitution are nullified by its interpreters, if its tenets go unobserved by its partisan adherents, if all the good in the legal bible are publicly venerated but privately flouted, then not even a heaven made constitution can make a utopia of Lanka.

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