Bandaranaike Day: What’s happening to the party he founded?

Bandaranaike Day: What’s happening to the party he founded?

Former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga – clearly agitated at what is happening in the Sri Lanka Freedom Party which her father founded – seen in…

Moves to import 100,000MT of rice

Some 100,000 metric tonnes of rice are to be imported because private millers are hoarding paddy stocks without milling them into rice and releasing it…

Round wire gadgets to check coconut sizes and enforce control prices

Consumer Affairs Authority officials armed with improvised measuring gadgets will be deployed to check on the sizes of coconuts to implement the latest gazette notification…

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Growing concerns over 20A clauses

The Retired Judges Association and the Bar Association have come out with some negative observations on the 20th Amendment now before the Supreme Court to test the constitutionality of the wide-ranging provisions contained therein. They have both questioned the President’s sole power to appoint senior judges, including the Chief Justice,…



Finding the right fitness

Finding the right fitness

Their interest in strength training and conditioning stem from their days of playing rugby for their…

Let’s do the salsa and cha-cha!

A chef on a mission to serve you the best of Thai

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Children’s Day

Children’s Day

Happy Children’s Day from all of us here at the Funday Times. Children’s Day is celebrated to…

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