Throughout the years humans have been developing and expanding their knowledge and have come up with new inventions which make our lives comfortable, where everything is at our fingertips. All you need is Just one click… We at present are living in apps. Want to talk? Click me. Want food? Click me. Want money? Click [...]


There is something missing…


Throughout the years humans have been developing and expanding their knowledge and have come up with new inventions which make our lives comfortable, where everything is at our fingertips. All you need is Just one click…

We at present are living in apps. Want to talk? Click me. Want food? Click me. Want money? Click me. But what should we click when we want love? Have we come up with one? Love today is often defined by beautiful photos, but that is not it. If you hug your parents, siblings or your loved ones only for a photo, or gives attention and say that you love them only on status updates or Fb posts, there is a question when you actually give value for all the things they do to make your life comfortable. But that is not available in a package or an app.

Motivated from the apps everything has become instant from food to relationships and the solutions too are instant. If you want to lose weight there’s always a shortcut. You don’t have to eat healthy or work hard towards it. It is also sad to see people not caring about the emotions of others ant longer. The relationships today have come to a very fast moving stage. And its always love at first sight and leave at first fight. Connections and relationships today have lost the true meaning and no wonder that a temporary hair colour lasts longer than a relationship.

Everyone must be having smart TVs and of course might be having Peo tv where you can rewind and watch. But what is sad is that in life we never get chances to rewind what happened, but we can only relive the moment through our memories. People do not understand that life is a one-time ticket to a theatre which is wasted if they do not enjoy it.  Quality entertainment in our lives have reduced so much that we almost live like zombies who go through and fro with just one motive, to gather wealth.

Technology has developed and created a generation of senseless people where they are very poor in understanding and communication skills. They know how to operate technological devices but when it comes to human emotions and senses they are lost. They have touch pads and other electrical equipments that respond and are sensitivity; to our touch, but we lack “human touch”.

What is this human touch? It is the human nature of the Homo sapiens. That is the reason for us to differ from animals and machines. It includes emotions, communication and intelligence. It can be simplified as the quality that makes us humans who different from animals.

The family union is slowly collapsing today. The families are gradually becoming smaller where they distance themselves from relatives and grandparents. As a result they do not know the value of connections. They run behind temporary connections are which only built on data. We all cry and weep at our loses, but why regret when you neglected all the chances that you had to actually make a difference. Most of the time the elders are kept in elder’s homes away from any connection with their family, ironically the funeral is organized in a very grand scale. People often tend to forget the roots that bore them in the past and with the time the bonds dissolve.

People race behind money and they are competing in a rat race which begins from the day a child is being born. They are continuously pushed to be better than someone else but never to compete within one to be better. Self improvement is not focussed. And while racing they have forgotten the importance of one self and the creativity level has drastically dropped down since everyone prefers to be duplicate followers rather than originals. Though each person has a different task and a mission it is seen that the light that usually shines within has dimmed and people have forgotten their uniqueness.

Humans today are distancing themselves from humanity. The human nature of the humans is slowly fading into extinction. And we to have become machines that are doing only what they are being programmed to do, work and earn money. There was a time where people helped and cared for each other even though they didn’t know them. If a vehicle breaks down on the road there was someone to help, if a person was walking in  a far away road someone was there to give a lift and most of all people cared for the benefits of a majority than personal gains.

The value system is rusted and needs to be repaired. The only motive of people is to earn and lead a superficial life, but how long does it take? And the sad truth is that you can never be satisfied with yourself, and when you think you achieved much you realize that it is the small things that give you happiness. Wondering about the reason behind the happiness and the smile of a small child? Well now you figured.  Do you recall your past?

When you were small you used to play and have a lot of fun. Had play houses, climbed trees, played hide and seek. Wore sarees and pretended to be parents. But who thought growing up would be so different from what one dreamt of? And it is disappointing to see that our childhood is far from our children’s since they are being limited and caged in where everything happens between home, school and tution. They have become a generation with robotic emotions where they have to be taught to use the five senses, where it came naturally for us.

Human moments of face-to-face meeting and communicating are getting lost with increasing dependency on electronics and virtual modes of communication. At present all we see in buses or trains are people who have wrapped themselves with wires. And today taking off the headphones have become the way to respect while talking to another.

People today try to caption everything on a camera as memories but they do not seize the moment when they have to. People have come to a store-age from the stone-age and it seemed like it didn’t do much for the development of the human behaviour, since we are travelling back to the barbarism nature. People have become senseless that they show a blind eye to the troubles of others. They are more interested in becoming the first to report something rather than to prevent or stop an action or to help another who is in need.

Today the relationships are more long distance than face-to-face.There’s a tendency for us to neglect the ones who are closer when we try to connect with the people who are far away. We forget the importance of physical nature when motivated by electronics that give digital images.

Look at the way people see an accident or anything that others face. They are numb that they cannot feel or be sensitive towards others. It has become a very common trend to record something and to post it on social media to get more followers rather than to help the person who is in trouble. It is shocking to see the insensitivity of the present generation. And we see highly ambitious and selfish people who work towards their own personal gains.

People have been building walls to keep out from others. But what have been walling in? Our emotions.Today maintaining ones image is given more priority. Everything today is a duplicate, and people do not know that there is beauty in the differences in people. The society has set a standard and what we do is blindly follow it. From the perfume to the soap or clothes we use are highly recommended and dependent on the opinion of the sellers. The body shape and the colour of a person is decided and branded as perfect where the rest try to adapt themselves to fit in to the box. Ask anyone the definition of a beautiful body. They will blindly say that it is size zero. They do not respect others and often look down and bully others since they are not sensitive about the feelings of others.

Today we are in need of emotional intelligence more than artificial intelligence.To fix what has gone wrong… Shall we go back in time to the birth of man?



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