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Co-habit or Co-perish

Like any employee who has been sacked from employment and reinstated by a labour tribunal, the Ministers of the Cabinet – and the State and Deputy Ministers — have got their jobs back following the October 26 misadventure of President Maithripala Sirisena. On Thursday, thanks to the 19th Amendment, the…


TV Times

Fairway Colombo brings a street full of Christmas

Fairway Colombo brings a street full of Christmas

Transforming the iconic Dutch Hospital precinct with a variety of innovative and diverse events, Fairway Colombo…

New Year Party and season in style at The Grand Kandyan

Anil Bhareti launches ‘Bethlehem Pure’

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Funday Times

Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories

“Higher! Mary higher,” children chorused as lifted high in big strong arms she placed the glittering…

Christmas Open Day at British Council

Kids’ World

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