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President, PM must learn to work together

What President Maithripala Sirisena was thinking when he embarked upon his extra-constitutional misadventures seven weeks ago is anybody’s guess. That it would draw to this ignominious end as far as he was concerned with his actions being called to question in the apex court of the land was much less…


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India elections: A fiercely contested landscape

India elections: A fiercely contested landscape

If celebrations have broken out in Congress offices across the country, few will grudge it, considering…

The story of a simple village headman

US sanctions and new dimensions of human rights violations

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Plates of healthiness

Plates of healthiness

As the season approaches with its share of rich food, Consultant Clinical Nutritionist Dr. Ranil Jayawardena…

Help dementia patients live life as best as they can

Don’t we all wish for wisdom?

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The Christmas Surprise

The Christmas Surprise

Vinu and Kasun were getting ready to decorate their house for Christmas. They took out shiny…

The people are alarmed to see a comet

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