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UNHRC: Sri Lanka – Yes; Yemen – No

The sword of Damocles continues to hang over Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva. Despite the main co-sponsor of Resolution 30/1 pulling out of the Council on grounds of “political bias” against Israel, other Western countries, notably Britain and Germany have weighed in to continue…


Sunday Times 2

Is coconut oil poison?

Is coconut oil poison?

An interesting article titled ‘Apologise, or you’ll send Harvard into disrepute” in the Sunday Times 2…

Demo-crazy in Lanka

Drama at the High Posts Committee

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Struck down by dementia

Struck down by dementia

It mainly ails the elderly and regrettably even in the developed world it is “poorly recognized”.…

Go purple

Facing adversity:Vital lessons from psychology

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TV Times

‘Sokari’ in Kurunegala

‘Sokari’ in Kurunegala

Two special shows of ‘Sokari’, shorter version of an old Sri Lankan folk drama which was…

Mamma Mia! in Colombo this December

Nilar launched ‘Sarasa Wasanthaya’

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Funday Times

The Kiddies Show

The Kiddies Show

The junior drama students of the Sashi Mendis Studio of Drama and Speech will be putting…

Kids’ World

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