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Floods and droughts: Now’s the time to find solutions

With the worst of the recent floods in 21 of the country’s 24 districts costing 28 lives now somewhat receding, there is no better time to think of a substantive solution to what is now an annual, or even bi-annual feature in this country; floods and droughts. Before the next…


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The time that education saved my life

The time that education saved my life

Mohamed Sidibay is a youth representative to the International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity, a…

National policy for spices, an urgent need of the hour

Breakfast ceremony at Pettah

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For the love of baking

For the love of baking

Food has become a sub sector of art – creatives in the industry now compete against…

Of racism in the classroom and Trump supporters

A walk to remember at the museum

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‘Sandakada Pahana’ shines  in Kandy

‘Sandakada Pahana’ shines in Kandy

Award winning singer Sunil Edirisinghe’s solo musical concert ‘Sandakada Pahana’ will be held at the Dharmaraja…

New version Charitha Atak

‘Boyzone final tour 2018’- Is Sri Lanka on their minds?

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Funday Times

Grow with Nature

Grow with Nature

The Butterfly Conservation Society of Sri Lanka (BCSSL) organized a kids’ programme named ‘Grow with Nature’…

The most severe battle in the island

Kids’ World

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