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Port City: A ‘dragon’ in the making

The signing of the re-negotiated Colombo Port City project now re-named as the Colombo International Financial Centre was fast forwarded for last Friday. No one knows what the rush was when it was earlier scheduled for August 16. What’s in a name, one might ask; a rose by any other…



Rebirth of ‘Pirinivan Mangallaya’

Rebirth of ‘Pirinivan Mangallaya’

It is under a spreading Nuga tree, with its leaves gently rustling in the winds blowing from the adjacent waterway across from the famed Bellanwila temple that the…

Saving a hand from the grip of a grinder

The mother was carrying the screaming toddler and the father the grinding machine. The toddler and the grinder were ‘inseparable’. It was around 7.45 in the night on…

The curtain comes down on an all-round performance

The curtain comes down on an all-round performance

To start one’s career as an actor in serious plays – from stylised drama to dialogue plays – move over to cinema, then to comedies and end up…

The face that launched many a smile

He was Sri Lanka’s quintessential funny guy. Vijaya Nandasiri who passed away on Monday was the country’s most popular comedian and brought comedy on television alive in living…

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Ancient Parakarma Samudraya bund being lost to bricks and roads

Ancient Parakarma Samudraya bund being lost to bricks and roads

Researcher calls for measures to protect archaeologically  important “great reservoir” and artefacts connected to it By…

Revlon Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Universe contestants in Kandy

Special blessing for SL’s new UK HC

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Beatlemania with our very own stars

Beatlemania with our very own stars

Remember the Beatles? How could we forget? The boys from Liverpool created music that literally shook…

Performing and conducting 20th Century masters

En Route to give us those popular hits

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Funday Times

Leave Only Your Footprints

Leave Only Your Footprints

By Manoshi de Silva Charith was going to spend his school vacation down south. They were…

Sweet Sixteen!

Happy Anniversary Funday Times

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