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Northern PC: Spoiling for another fight

The Northern Province Chief Minister has written to the Prime Minister saying, inter-alia, that “the Sinhalese polity is a decent community. Only the politicians mislead them in the wrong path”. Might we echo the Biblical quote; ‘first cast out the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou…



The new generation

The new generation

After years spent getting a feel of post-Bawa architecture, Robert Powell talks to Duvindi Illankoon about his recent book ‘The New Sri Lankan House’ Robert Powell remembers his…


Will we get landed over land deeds in Port City? It has been reported that according to the Port City agreement the Chinese will get land on lease…


Kairshasp Nariman Choksy Good thoughts, words and deeds guided him through his life Kairshasp Nariman Choksy, PC, MP (February 7, 1933 – February 5, 2015), the former Minister…

Lichen hunter

Lichen hunter

Clambering up a tall tree in the dark and dank Sinharaja to get a closer look at some lichens on a branch, she was assailed by an uncanny…

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India’s sordid record in Lanka

India’s sordid record in Lanka

India’s relations with Sri Lanka will heal only if there is a sincere realisation of past…

Collaborative comedy

Harvard Club farewell for outgoing Sri Lankan Ambassador

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Celebration for Dushyanth

Celebration for Dushyanth

Popular singer dancer and actor Dushyanth Weeraman will celebrate his tenth year as a successful showbiz…

‘Kala Pola’ 2015 concludes with highest visitor turnout

‘Sarasavi Gee Sisila 2015’

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Funday Times

St. Benedict’s College Walk

St. Benedict’s College Walk

St. Benedict’s College Walk was held on  February 7, 2015. Pix by Indika Handuwala…

St. Sebastian’s College, Kandana Sports Day

Kids world

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