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Losing diplomatic war

In marked contrast to the hysterical screeching by Government leaders that there shall be no domestic or international inquiry into the last days of the military campaign to defeat the LTTE in May of 2009, we are now faced with both. The silence by these same leaders to last week’s…



Pradeep takes home ‘obelisk’ trophy for his Kadju House

Pradeep takes home ‘obelisk’ trophy for his Kadju House

Architect Pradeep Kodikara walked away with the grand prize on Wednesday night at the 2013/14 Geoffrey Bawa Awards. His design for the beautiful Kadju House in Tangalle earned…

Like Bawa her strong roots helped her to break free

The line of the equator runs through Mira Nair’s garden in Kampala, Uganda. The sprawling estate overlooks Lake Victoria; glittering blue under the warmth of an African sun,…



Burning of Jaffna library Going deeper into the confessions of a police sergeant This refers to the article relating to the burning of the Jaffna library by T.…


Chula Ratnatunga Fun-filled times in Nairobi to discussions on meditation back home My good friend Chula was born on October 4, 1927 and passed away on May 9…

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A different take on a Shakespearean classic

A different take on a Shakespearean classic

Breaking down the misnomers surrounding Shakespearean drama and putting on a fun-filled show for audiences to…

Promising start up by Moratuwa Uni undergraduates

Switching onto dance

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Matara in the deep south

Matara in the deep south

Hi Kids, ready to tag along with the Fun Travel series once again?  Today, we are…

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