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The mini SAARC summit

Much has been said over the week since India’s new Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi pulled a rabbit out of the hat and invited the leaders of all South Asian nations for his swearing-in ceremony last Monday. The move has been widely hailed as ground-breaking; a new beginning in good…



Shedding more light on a sacred site

Shedding more light on a sacred site

A heavily pregnant Queen Mahamaya was on her way to her parental home from the palace of her husband King Suddodhana at Tilaurakot-Kapilavastu. The palanquin bearing her had…


Return Cosmo to its members I left Sri Lanka in the mid-1980s not because of any ethnic problem but because of the openings that were available for Tamils…


Rev. W.G. Wickremasinghe All wanted to send their children to Trinity when he was principal My first meeting with Rev. Dr. WGW was when I ventured in to…

Doing  it ‘our way’ with toll gates

Doing it ‘our way’ with toll gates

Dr. Janaka Wijesundara remembers the marshy lands, the paddy fields and the incredibly dusty and uneven planes of the terrain he was presented with. “You couldn’t imagine building…

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Foreign policy: A new vision for India

Foreign policy: A new vision for India

NEW DELHI – India’s Bharatiya Janata Party, led by Narendra Modi, has stormed into office, winning…

Book on the life and works of T. B. Jayah

25 years after the fatwa: Rushdie’s fight for free speech

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Mirror Magazine

The power of dance

The power of dance

Pradeep Gunarathna is drenched in sweat but he doesn’t seem to notice. He flies gracefully through…

Jith teams up with Holy Family Convent for “You Got It Pussy Cat”

Soulful sounds

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Funday Times

“Drama with the British Council”

“Drama with the British Council”

The annual young learner drama performance by the members of the British Council Young Learner Drama Club…

Pizza Workshop

Kids World

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