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The State of the Union

Sri Lanka celebrates, if that indeed is the appropriate word, the 66th year since regaining its Independence as a free, sovereign state in the comity of nations. Yet this event is marked in a pall of gloom and a cloud of uncertainty with external forces baying at Mother Lanka’s throat…



13 minutes with Vikram Seth!

13 minutes with Vikram Seth!

What do you say to a man who has kept you waiting for five years? Before us stands author and poet Vikram Seth; shirt open to the waist,…

The man who irons, a crown of little men; all making history

It is 8 p.m, and we’re just about to leave the building when a lady in saree asks us to follow her. Please note that in normal circumstances…


Agony by Mihin at Dubai I was a passenger on a Mihin Lanka flight to Dubai and I write this letter in the hope that others would be…


Sumit Samaratunga Dear malli, our tears are not yet dry It is with much grief that I write of my brother Sumit’s death on December 17. He became…

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Sunday Times 2

66 years ago…

66 years ago…

The pealing of temple and church bells, and the sound of joyful drums awakened the people…

Kala Pola 2014: An expert’s pick

SLSI appoints new Deputy Director General

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Mirror Magazine

Traditional fairy tale all twisted up

Traditional fairy tale all twisted up

When was the last time you headed out for an evening at the pantomime? If you…

Love, show some…

Shakira to release album in March

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TV Times

The unnatural order

The unnatural order

Young activist Birendra Siriwardhana on why the youth need to fight gender-based violence - As it…

Grammy award for Hussain Jiffry’s band

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Funday Times

The Unfriendly Neighbour

The Unfriendly Neighbour

Skippy and Tiffy stopped playing with their plastic ball and stared at their neighbour’s wall.  A…

My Christmas vacation

Athletic coaching camp

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