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Mining the family silver

Doomsday scenarios have been predicted for the Sri Lankan economy for some time.  Yet to descend from the high of the victory over terrorism to the ridiculous low of having to cut trees to pay EPF/ETF is a sorry indication of what the Government has climbed down to from 2009…



Living on the edge

Living on the edge

A run, a jump and a splash amidst the cruel rocks, with faces peering down anxiously from far above and spontaneous shouts and loud applause. The act though is…

Adding that Lankan touch to Christmas cake making!

Sri Lankans are well known to have a sweet tooth, or rather whole sets of sweet teeth, and so it didn’t come as too much of a surprise…

Letters to the editor

What happened to 1212 on Christmas eve ? SLT (Sri Lanka Telecom) has made giant strides in the development of the industry  to provide many services through one…


Memories of a magnificent matriarch | Nanda de Rosayro With the death of Nanda de Rosayro earlier this month our family mourned its last matriarch and mentor. Aunty Nanda…

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Funday Times

The first day  at school

The first day at school

I woke up early in the morning Full of flowers blooming I first saw a dress…

Ramila’s Christmas Wish

Prince Charles visits the Central hills of Sri Lanka

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Sunday Times 2

Devyani case: Angry India takes more retaliatory steps

Devyani case: Angry India takes more retaliatory steps

NEW DELHI, Dec 28 (Reuters) – India has sought details about staff in American schools in…

The international misrule of law

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