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Review the ‘coerced’ Indo-Lanka Accord

The visit by the Indian National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon, a one-time High Commissioner in Colombo, was the ‘umpteenth’ visit by an Indian diplomat — from the days of G. Parthasarathy and Romesh Bhandari three decades ago to now, carrying New Delhi’s veiled directives on how the Government in Colombo…



On the road less travelled

On the road less travelled

About six km away from Pooneryn, Ruvan Ranatunga could almost taste the salt on his tongue as a warm wind swept the scent of dried villus toward him.…

Letters to the editor

Apathy towards Sansoni Commission main reason for Black July Black July 1983 received worldwide attention. In spite of all the publicity it took 18 long years for the…


He came from Kandy, she from Jaffna and what a match they made James Thiagarajah Arulanantham James Thiagarajah Arulanantham, son of the late Rev. Gnanamuttu Rowlands Arulanantham and…

Gearing to save more lives

Gearing to save more lives

Involved in an accident or emergency anywhere across the country, any man, woman or child would have the best chance of survival, with the development of services in…

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Who let bombs out in Buddha Gaya?

Who let bombs out in Buddha Gaya?

Home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde’s observation that anybody – from the Indian Mujahideen to local terror…

Brazilian student who sold her virginity for $780,000 insists she is a ‘victim’

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Intensity is the key  to the play

Intensity is the key to the play

The Workshop Players present ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ by Tennessee Williams in celebration of the 60th…

Bridgetines have a blast

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