RIC or RoyaI Institute of Colombo is the degree awarding wing of the famous network of International schools known as Royal Institute. RIC has been involved in university teaching for the past 30 years with over 20 years of experience in teaching and preparing students for BSc and LLB Degrees from the University of London. [...]

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World-class Degrees in Sri Lanka from RIC…


RIC or RoyaI Institute of Colombo is the degree awarding wing of the famous network of International schools known as Royal Institute. RIC has been involved in university teaching for the past 30 years with over 20 years of experience in teaching and preparing students for BSc and LLB Degrees from the University of London. It is thanks to the demand placed on the Degrees from the University of London and the commitment of our students and lecturers that we have been able to engage in the preparation of students for these Degrees for such a long time. The academic staff at RIC has always taken a personal interest in the teaching-learning process and adopted a student-friendly attitude towards teaching. Therefore, ‘commitment to excellence’ is an inbuilt feature of RIC with a history spanning over 30 years.

The ONLY ‘Affiliate Centre’ of the University of London International Programme in Sri Lanka

“RIC is one of only eighteen Affiliate Centres in the world and the only one in Sri Lanka. Affiliate status is the highest category of recognition granted by the University of London and denotes a long-term commitment to quality of teaching, administration and support. Affiliate Centres are regularly visited and reviewed by the University to ensure that they maintain the high standards associated with this status. RIC has consistently demonstrated its adherence to the University of London’s high standards as is shown by its strong track record of student success over many years.”

–Dr. Keith Sharp (Director, University of London, International Programmes at LSE) -

Dilini Roshinara

G.T. Bandara

Milhan Ikram Mohamed

Umar Fareez

Nishika Aponso

To be granted ‘Affiliate’ status is indeed a prestigious award which is also proof of the recognition and trust placed on us and our teaching by the University of London. We would not have been placed in this position if not for our longstanding ‘commitment to excellence’, qualified and experienced teaching staff, state-of-the-art facilities and the outstanding performances by our students.
We have undertaken the responsibility of preparing students for 15 Degrees awarded by the prestigious University of London. Among the Degrees are LLB, Accounting, Business Studies, Development and Economics, Economics, Economics and Accounting, Economics and Management, Information Systems and Management, International Relations, Management, Law with Management, Mathematics and Economics and Sociology. All the above Degrees can be completed in three years under the guidance of our experienced and highly qualified panel of lecturers. In addition to these Degrees, there are three Diplomas awarded by the same University, namely the Diplomas in Law, Economics and Social Sciences. These Diplomas are also pathways to the LLB and BSc Degrees mentioned above, i.e. a student successfully completing the Diplomas can complete his/her desired Degree after two more years of study at RIC.

Syllabi and Examination Papers set by the University of London

Study guides, curriculum and examination papers are prepared by and the marking of answer scripts is done by lecturers and examiners from the University of London. Our students have been commended by the University of London for the results they obtain in spite of the challenging and competitive academic environment world-wide. The number of students who have received certificates of commendation and awards from the authorities of the University of London is noteworthy. We have been able to maintain a pass rate of above 95% throughout the years. Several of our students have been awarded world prizes for best results at all our past convocations.

Our Latest Partnership: A Unique Pathway to Deakin University in Australia through RIC

After several thousands of success stories with the University of London International Programme, we have now formed a new alliance with another reputed international partner, namely Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia to fulfill our mission of awarding prestigious degrees to Sri Lankan students. We have embarked on a journey of exploring a new avenue of awarding BSc Degrees in the fields of Engineering, Information Technology, Science and Biomedical Science with their partnership. Teaching for the first one or two years of these Degrees will be undertaken by RIC under the supervision of Deakin University. The degree would then have to be completed at Deakin University in Australia with at least one year of study there.

About Deakin

Deakin University, one of the oldest Universities in Australia established in 1974, now operates from four campuses- one in Melbourne, two in Geelong and one in Warrnambool all of which offer access to excellent teaching-learning and research experience. Deakin University has won the prestigious Australian University of the Year award twice for its innovative use of technology in education and for its partnership with industry. The University has also been awarded 16 citations for Outstanding Contributions to student learning.

Deakin also achieved excellent results in the Australian Research Council 2010 awards and won the 2009 Governor of Victoria Export Award for Education and Training in recognition of the University’s innovation in commitment to advancing education, training and research in international markets. Its reputation as an award winning University ensures that professional associations, relevant industries and universities world-wide would recognize a Deakin degree as one of value.

The Degrees from Deakin

The Deakin – RIC affiliation offers four degree programs, they are;
Bachelor of Engineering
Majors: Civil, Mechanical or Mechatronics and Robotic Engineering
Undergraduates registering for the Engineering degree will be at RIC for the first two years of study after which they will be transferred to the Deakin University, Australia for the last two years. This degree is more focused on the employability of the graduates rather to fulfill the dearth of engineers and future needs of industry in Australia. The final two years in Deakin will give students more exposure to professional engineering practices while the former two years in Sri Lanka will give more focus to the theoretical and academic knowledge of the discipline. In the final year, students will have to work as interns in industries; an opportunity which will undoubtedly enhance the graduates’ capacity to find employment in Australia. This may also improve their chances of gaining permanent residency in Australia.

Bachelor of Information Technology

Majors: Computer Science, Game Development, Interactive Media Design, Networking, Mathematical Modeling, Software Development, Web Systems or Security.

Students registering for the IT degree will be at RIC for two year and will be transferred to Deakin for the final year of study. Deakin is in the forefront of IT employment opportunities. Students will be studying the academic and theoretical parts at RIC during the first two years and the final year at Deakin will be directed towards a more practical and professional exposure, which aims to produce well rounded graduates.

Bachelor of Science

Majors: Biology, Biological Chemistry, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Mathematical Modeling or Zoology
Undergraduates pursuing this degree will be studying one year at the RI Campus and will be sent to Deakin for the last two years of study. The Bachelor of Science allows students to start with a broad program and specialize as they progress through the course developing their interests and career aspirations.

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Majors: Health Science, Nutrition and Exercise Science or Biotechnology.

Students enrolling for the Bio Medical Science program will study their first year at the RI Campus and the last two years at Deakin University, Australia. The Bachelor of Bio Medical Science is a vibrant program delivered by the Faculty of Science in association with other related Faculties. This multidisciplinary approach enables students to learn about their chosen fields of study from both Scientific and health perspectives. The graduates could pursue a degree in the field of medicine upon completing BSc Bio Medical Science if they desire.

Joining the Deakin Program: Several Options Depending on your Qualifications

A student interested in pursuing any one of the above degrees is expected to meet certain entry requirements to ensure the sustainability of Deakin standards. Thus, to enroll for the degree a student is expected to have secured 3 credit passes at Sri Lankan National A/Ls or 6 points in UK A/Ls (points are determined on the Grades obtained – 5 points for a pass with Grade ‘A’, 4 for Grade ‘B’, 3 for Grade ‘C’ and 2 for Grade ‘D’).

Students who are short of the above requirements will be enrolled for a foundation program of six months to be eligible for the first year of Bachelors. Our first batch of foundation students will be completing their study program in February. Upon completion of the foundation program, students will be taking a selection test to determine whether they have reached the required level of competency. The students who are successful at this examination will then be admitted to the Degree program in March.

Likewise, students who wish to complete a degree without their A/Ls will also have a ‘fast-track’ opportunity under the RIC – Deakin programs. Such students will be enrolled for a foundation program of one year which is equivalent to A/Ls and the successful completion of this program will enable them to enroll for the First Year of the relevant Bachelors Degree in their respective field of study provided they get through the selection test at the end of the foundation program. The one year Foundation course will be an intensive training which attempts to condense two years of A/L work into one year.

Lecture Panel for the Deakin Programme

All the programmes from Foundation to the Bachelors level will be taught by highly qualified professionals and academics from various institutions and Universities. Especially the Foundation program lecturers will assist students to achieve the necessary standards to enter the First Years of their Bachelors. The degree programs are conducted by eminent professors and academics with doctorates.

Therefore, this is a remarkable opportunity for all students who have just finished their GCE O/Ls or GCE A/Ls to be a Graduate of the Deakin University which is highly recognised anywhere in the world.

The teaching-learning process, curricular and study guides will be carefully examined by Deakin University to ensure the highest academic standards. The syllabi followed in the Foundation programs and the selection examinations held at the end of Foundation programs are also closely monitored and moderated by Deakin academics.

The Future of Our Graduates

Our graduates are very well received and placed in the job market both in and out of Sri Lanka. This is proof of the very high value placed on the Degree programme and the graduates. Most of our graduates are placed in very sophisticated positions in the job market even before their results are released. Among them are some who join the international work force. Furthermore, we are yet to come across a RIC graduate who has been unemployed involuntarily.

The qualification they obtain is recognized by any university in the world which gives the students the opportunity for graduate studies anywhere in the world. A student who successfully completes the LLB Degree can become a lawyer in Sri Lanka after a minimum of one and half years of study at the Law College. These facts point out the recognition given to the University of London Degrees both nationally and internationally.

Students who join the Deakin programme will have the added advantage of finding job placements in Australia at the end of the study period.


RIC offers scholarships to its students at two points, namely at entrance and upon completing the Diploma year. These scholarships are awarded purely on the basis of students’ academic achievements. At the time of entrance a student could qualify for a scholarship that waives of RIC fees by 100%, 50% or 25% depending on their achievements at London/Local Advanced Level or Ordinary Level examinations. These scholarships are available for students coming into the University of London programme as well as the Deakin program.

If a student in any one of our University of London Diploma programmes is able to secure a Distinction pass for the Diploma he/she will be awarded a scholarship that waives of 50% of RIC fees for the remainder of his/her study period. A Merit pass for the Diploma will receive a scholarship that waives of 25% of RIC fees for the remainder of his/her study period.
Student who obtain world prizes at the examinations conducted by the University of London are awarded Gold Medals at the annual prize giving.

Why RIC?

There are several advantages that can be reaped by you/your child through joining the RIC programmes. Firstly, the child would be able to complete an internationally reputed Degree in the comforts of his/her family. This will help avoid the anxiety an adolescent student would feel if he/she were to study in a foreign country away from family and friends and also the anxiety of parents who would worry about the well-being of their son/daughter studying in a foreign country. We have given you the opportunity to study for a foreign degree without leaving your home. You/your child can experience the challenge of reading for a foreign degree in a foreign country after obtaining your first degree and becoming a more matured graduate student. Secondly, at RIC you would be spending a fraction of what you would have to pay for the same Degree in London or in Melbourne. Thirdly, our English language department will offer additional English classes for students who are doubtful about their level of English language competency to follow these degrees.
A highly qualified and experienced panel of lecturers will be guiding you/your child throughout the years spent at RIC. Our lecturers show the commitment of a mother or father who is keen to educate one’s child. Furthermore, we have created an environment conducive to learning; air conditioned lecture rooms, a library with an up-to-date collection of books and a state-of-the-art computer and science laboratories are a few of the highlights.

Furthermore, the student life at RIC gives the students the opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling ‘campus life’. The opportunities for extra-curricular activities organized jointly by the RIC management and the student union are diverse. Debates, sports day, Christmas party, dinner dance are some of these activities worthy of mention. These activities not only provide entertainment and pleasure for the students but also an opportunity to sharpen their skills as leaders and organizers. The student body plays an active role in organizing the annual convocation of RIC.

Above all the most important factor is that you/your child will have the opportunity of following a Degree program with a group of students who are not only intelligent and disciplined but also committed to their studies and who take ‘learning’ seriously. At RIC we give a lot of emphasis to student discipline as we believe discipline is at the foundation of ‘successful learning’ and the development of well-rounded personalities who would be capable of facing any challenge in future.

Come and join RIC for World-Class Degree in the comforts of your family and friends…

Our commitment to academic excellence is sure to impress you…
G.T. Bandara BSc, MBA, Attorney-at-Law, Solicitor (UK)
Chairman/ Managing Director
RI Campus, Colombo 05.
“I chose the LLB programme of the University of London at RIC since I was confident that it was one of the finest foundations for my postgraduate studies in law. The academic staff, the excellent library and the fine student community at RIC produce well-rounded graduates who are willing to serve the nation to the best of their ability in their respective fields.”
- Milhan Ikram Mohamed (LLB, 2011) -
- 1st Class (hons) -
“RIC enabled me to receive the same quality of education that I believe I would have obtained had I opted to pursue my studies abroad. The lecturers are dedicated and provide the necessary guidance to allow students to successfully compete worldwide. The friends I have made and extra-curricular activities I engaged in further enriched my experience at RIC and I consider the years spent there as some of the best in my life.
- Nishika Aponso (BSc Mathematics and Economics, 2012) -
- 1st Class (hons) -
- University of London Award for Academic Achievement 2011-
- World Best Results for Advanced Mathematical Analysis 2011-
- World Best Results for Mathematical Economics 2011 -
- World Best Results for Statistical Interference -
“Choosing RIC to pursue in my higher studies has been one of the best decisions I have made so far. The opportunity to obtain a world-class Degree at a fraction of what it would have cost me had I opted to pursue the same Degree in London and being with family and friends at the same time is certainly an added advantage.”
- Umar Fareez (Diploma in Economics, 2011) -
- Distinction Pass for Diploma in Economics 2011 -
“I chose RIC for its reputation of maintaining an extremely high pass rate and also because it allowed me to live at home enjoying home comforts while studying. I graduated from the internationally reputed University of London obtaining a First class Honours in BSc Banking and Finance.”
- Dilini Roshinara Rodrigo (BSc Banking and Finance, 2009) -
- 1st Class (hons) –

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