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Renowned films in afternoon


The film ‘The Big Blue’ directed by Luc Besson depicting a fictionalized account of the sporting rivalry between two famed free divers will be screened at 12 noon on July 21 on Rupavahini.

One of the most financially successful French film of the 1998, the film charts the competition and friendship of real-life champions Jacques Mayol and Enzo Maiorca. The action is divided into two timelines – the nascent rivalry between the two divers as children, and (as adults) their final competition at the world free-diving championships at the Sicilian town of Taormina. Mayol’s search for love, family, “wholeness” and the meaning of life and death is a strong undercurrent of the latter timeline.

American crime-drama film ‘Caught Up’ directed by Darin Scott starring Bokeem Woodbine and Cynda Williams will be shown at 12 noon on Sunday July 22.

Back in L.A. after serving time on drug charges, Daryl Allen (Bokeem Woodbine), who narrates, plans to open a nightclub, and a pal offers to bankroll the business. Daryl drives his buddy to the bank, unaware he’s taking part in a robbery.

He’s sent back to the slammer for a long stretch, and during that period his girlfriend (Cynda Williams) marries. Released after five years, Daryl is unemployed when he meets Vanessa Dietrich (Williams), who gets him work as a limo driver. Vanessa and Daryl are targets of a hitman, and Vanessa tells Daryl she suspects her ex-lover Ahmad (Basil Wallace). What Daryl doesn’t know about Ahmad and Vanessa may turn out to be his undoing.

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