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She beats her breast to world record

  • I feel whole again: Woman obsessed with having world's largest breast implants
  • The 31-year-old model tells of her joy at being 'reinflated' after death scare
By Deborah Arthurs

A model who held the record for the world's largest implants has had them boosted once more after losing her 38MMM breasts to a life-threatening infection. Shockingly, despite saying her new implants make her feel 'almost whole again', the 31-year-old mother is still not satisfied, insisting her massively inflated breasts are 'small'.

Sheyla Hershey, from Houston, Texas, underwent the extreme breast augmentation operation in an attempt to regain the staggering 38KKK cup size she had before the removal of her breasts. An infection that set in after her 30th breast enlargement operation led to 5ft 3in Sheyla undergoing emergency operation in June 2010 that left her with unattractive sagging skin where her implants had been.
So obsessed was Sheyla with maintaining her Guinness World Record that the loss of her implants almost drove her to suicide.

Sad: Sheyla, 31, says she felt like she had lost a limb when her implants were removed. 'I was depressed. My breasts fill my self-esteem,' she says Sheyla at 21 before she began enlarging her breasts

'Not having my breasts was killing me, I didn't know if I could make it through 2012 without them,' she said. 'My breasts had become part of me and I was deformed without them. I felt like I had lost a leg.'
The 31-year-old, who had the operation in secret to prevent her concerned husband from finding out, says she is elated with the results.

'It is a miracle. I never thought I would have my breasts back again,' she said. 'I almost feel whole again.'
Sheyla ignored the wishes of doctors, psychiatrists and her husband Derek -- all of whom feared the trauma of yet more surgery could cause a return of the infection -- and organised a tour of cosmetic surgery practitioners in Latin America in September.

'My husband knew that I was going to Cancun in Mexico to get my breasts reconstructed,' said Sheyla.
'He didn't know that I was going to have them reinflated with saline and that I planned to return to my previous size of 38MMM, but I was desperate to claim my status as having the world's largest breast implants.

Sheyla had 2,500cc of saline liquid implanted into her reconstructed breasts in late September, before flying to her hometown of Vitoria in Brazil to have more saline gradually introduced. 'I increased slowly over a two-month period and now my breasts are back at 4,300cc of liquid and are 38KKK,' she says.
In the New Year, Sheyla says she will have more surgery to take them back to 5,500cc, or 38MMM.

Sheyla lied to concerned husband Derek, 29, who stayed at home in Houston, Texas while she went for what he thought was reconstructive surgery. 'He was asking me for pictures to see how the surgery had gone, but I kept on telling him to wait till I returned home,' said Sheyla.

'When he saw me he was shocked and hurt that I had lied to him. I told him that it is my body and I can do what I want to it, but he didn't talk to me for a week and he threatened me with divorce. 'I told him if he wants one he should go get one, but he didn't and now he has accepted my breasts are almost back being the way they were.

'If I am happy, then he is happy.' Her obsession -- she has paid over £60,000 over a decade to maintain her breasts -- has almost cost Sheyla both her family and her life but to Sheyla, it is worth the risk. \Sheyla says her husband Derek 'worries so much' for her safety, and for the impact Sheyla's body obsession could have on their daughter, two-year-old Victoria. 'He doesn't want me to keep on having these operations and he says that every time I go he thinks I might not come back alive.

'My husband worried I wouldn't come back alive, but I just wanted to have my breasts again.'
'Derek says he doesn't want me to look like a porn star and tells me that I have a daughter now.'
'He says, "how do you think your little girl will look at you and your breasts?" 'I tell him that she loves them and that I am a good mother.'

Sheyla, who suffers bipolar disorder, maintains her huge breasts make her feel better about herself.
'The size of my breasts is what fills my self esteem,' she says. 'I talked to my psychiatrist and I explained that if you lose something that you love it is natural to want them back.' 'I overdosed earlier this year after accidentally taking too many painkillers, but I had become so sad that I couldn't bear to leave the house.
'I just wanted to go to sleep and wake up and have my breasts again.'

Despite the staggering size of her former record-breaking 38MMM breasts, Sheyla is insistent that her implants should be even larger.

'I never think my breasts are big enough. Even now I look in the mirror and I think they are small.
'Because of my frame, the surgeons say I physically can't go any bigger than I was before. I will be happy with 38MMM, because I would rather they were that size than not at all, but I would like to be bigger.

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