The How Eelam war 4 was averted
The How Eelam war 4 was averted

Sunday March 2, 2003

LTTE gags TULF amid library row
The LTTE has reportedly warned the TULF not to issue statements on its own regarding important issues amidst reports of a split in the main Tamil political party and the possibility of a pro-LTTE leader taking over.

Dead rope coming, but President says hang it
While the Prisons Department is trying to buy special ropes to hang people, President Chandrika Kumaratunga will oppose moves by the government to re-implement the death penalty, a spokesman said.

SLMM gets tough with LTTE
The Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission has called on the LTTE to respect its authority and abide by its ruling if the LTTE wants it to play the role envisaged in the ceasefire agreement.

Follow PA example, CBK tells Ranil
President Chandrika Kumaratunga has advised the cabinet to follow proper procedures regarding award of contracts as done by the former PA government.

CC under fire over bribery post for ex-judge
The Constitutional Council has received several letters from the public, criticising its move to nominate a retired judge as a Bribery Commissioner.

Police to probe alleged threat to VVIP's relative
Inspector General of Police T.E.Anandarajah has dispatched a special police team to Minneriya to investigate an incident where a prominent UNF....

The new SLMM chief Tryggve Tellefsen, a retired Norwegian Army General, (C) looks on as LTTE Eastern Military leader Karuna signs a joint statement after talks with Defence Secretary Austin Fernando in Batticaloa on Friday. The outgoing SLMM chief Trond Furuhovde (right) is also in the picture. Pix by S. Jayanandamoorthy


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