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Cultural fusion
By Esther Williams
South Asia Partnership International, in their Campaign Against Small Arms held a concert at the Bishop's College Auditorium on February 21. Called simply 'Life', it aimed to emphasize the value of human life and to restore dignity and justice to life when advocating against the use of small arms, with an evening of entertainment that was a fusion of Sri Lankan music, dance and drama with Western Music.

The theme of the programme was aptly depicted through a skit on violence, put together by dancers of the Ravi Bandu and Arundathi Ranganathan troupes.

Composed by S. Sarangan in an attractive art form, it was an effective portrayal of the present scenario and the destruction caused by the use of small arms in the hands of common people.

Representing the cultural influences in our country, dancers from the Shrishti Performing Arts showcased some fine classical Indian Dancing.

Dressed in all their finery, the students of the Muslim Ladies College sang some traditional Qawaali Songs.

Ravibandu Vidyapathi's Ensemble drew much applause from their drums ensemble, Ves Natum and Kandyan dancing.

Flame Unplugged, contributing to the Western part of the programme did not disappoint the Western music lovers with their superb rendition of songs by the Eagles, Eric Clapton and Simon and Garfunkel.

The variety of items seemed to acknowledge the existence of Tamil, Muslim, Sinhalese and the Burgher communities living on the island.

Bathiya & Santhush
They first met at a Scout Jamboree
Held at Park, Vihara Mahadevi
Santhush represented, College Royal
Whilst Bathiya was to Ananda loyal.

Performing together, at the camp-fire
Sang quite well, to their heart's desire
Young Santhush, was a regular student
Of a music teacher, he loves very ardent

Santhush learnt, his music eagerly
Performed at their concerts, quite regularly
Few years later, Bathiya too joined
This same music class, which they enjoyed.

This lead to more provoking thought
Of making use of, what they were taught
Mixing Sinhala and English, with creativity
Composed a few songs, with their novel ability

With their music, rhythm and composition
To release a C.D. was their ambition
"Wasanthaye" was their first release
The younger generation, they did please.

Followed by many a stage performance
Now lead the field, with great dominance
Winning the hearts, of the younger generation
Provide their music, of a new dimension

The second C.D. released, was named "Life,"
Produced it with, a lot of strife
"Tharunyaye" was their C.D. third
Bouquets of the fans, have they gathered

Performed abroad, well exceptionally
Their creativity recognized, internationally
Received a few, International Awards,
Whenever they perform, audience does applaud

To create a Sri Lankan Identity
Is their great vision, with creativity
It is no easy task, in the music field
But I hope they will, soon reap the yield

With all the support, they have from the fans,
This they will achieve, I know they can,
With your talent exuding, you are quite capable
Do keep striving, my duo lovable
Ethul Kotte

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