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24th December 2000
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All set to party, with Christmas just a day away are models Dinali and Kishani who appear on our Christmas cover this week. They display striking seasonal designs from Inspirations, created by Purnima Abeyratne, who also did their hair and make-up. They were photographed by Anuruddha Medawattegedera. We had inadvertently omitted the designer's name in our cover photograph details last week. Model Karen displayed a creation by Brian Kerkoven.

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Strengthen that bond

By Laila Nasry
We constantly go through life shooting our mouths, saying things we don't mean to and un wittingly hurting people. At times our problem is that we don't say what we ought to, to the people who need to hear it the most. Often, words like 'sorry' and 'thank you' are the hardest to squeeze out, even from the most vociferous of gabs. 

Mending relationships or strengthening the existing ones has become the hardest thing to do. Very often (out of convenience) most apologies are overlooked and frequently postponed. It's a pity about the great lengths we go to in order to stay aloof. It only denies us the warmth of a friend, the love of a spouse and the comfort of a family. 

It's the season of cheer, goodwill and hope once again. A year of mistakes and misgivings is drawing to a close, with a brand new year waiting round the corner. Isn't it an ideal opportunity to start afresh...to say you care?

"I think it's very important to mend relationships, especially strained ones. It's good to put the past behind and make up," says Dharika who believes in sitting down and talking problems through with the person/persons concerned. "Then maybe we could do something together like going shopping or to the movies that would put both of us at ease and help the situation."

She feels that the end of the year is the best time for thanksgiving. For it's a time when you reflect upon the year that is drawing to a close and it's only fitting that you thank those you've taken for granted. Like your family and close friends and those others who've made your life more fulfilling and worthwhile. " I think it's important to let whomever I feel I have neglected - because work has got in the way or for some reason or the other - know that I care. Maybe by doing something personal and meaningful for them." 

Dharika agrees that any time is a good time to mend and strengthen relationships, but stresses that this time is extra special because it's the season of goodwill. Certainly it's not the time to have worries pricking at one's conscience.

The season holds particular significance for Anouk. She sees Christmas- the celebration of the birth of Christ who gave so much love to the world - as an ideal time to give love oneself. "Christmas has this lovely feeling. People come together, so it's especially significant for relationships." 

Besides she finds it easier during this time of the year to approach people with an olive branch for the mere fact that "it's Christmas time and everyone is in a sentimental mood." 

Life, for Parakrama is a set of relationships. "You've got to make allowances for people and hope they'll make allowances for you." However he feels that mending relationships does not necessarily entail mending them all. "If the relationship in jeopardy is a fundamental one, then it's worth patching it up. Otherwise it's best left the way it is." 

Though he agrees that at this time of the year people are in a good mood and it's easier to work out the knots, he finds the time period irrelevant. He believes in striking while the iron is hot. "It's best to make up then and there."

"Recently I had a fight with my sister but later I felt awful and wondered 'why should we be fighting'? So I went and apologised and we made up," says Russel who also believes in quick remedy. "Why habour grudges over something that could be nipped in the bud?" 

Although he doesn't see anything special about mending relationships during Christmas time alone, he does see it as an ideal time to strengthen relationships. "I buy my family and friends cards and gifts and do little acts of appreciation which I don't indulge in otherwise." 

Your Christmas party guest list is made and like you do year in year out, you've excluded that one person you don't see eye to eye with. Well, why not make a change this year? Who knows it might turn out to be a 'Merry Christmas!'. 


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