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Rigging rules

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3rd September 2000

Who's taken the free rude?

Army breaks long lull

Vol. 35 - No. 14


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  • The Editorial - * Elections in the dark *  Law breakers 
  • The Political Column - Ashraff says it with dates
  • Situation Report - Guns boom in the North as nation readies for polls
  • The Fifth Column - Figures form the basis of a fight
  • The Jungle Telegraph - * Feuding two together * Taking a leaf * Complaint to President
  • Rajpal Abeynayake's Column - The story of the old family vendetta
  • The Guest Column - Parliament after polls: cohabitation or conflict?
  • Outside Politics - Indians take on Lincoln's democracy
  • The Special Report -Rigging rules
  • Inside the glass house - Not the way to play the game

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