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3rd September 2000

By Alia

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Feuding two together

Feuding between the two, when they were in the north as number one and two, Major General Janaka Perera (Overall Operations Commander, North) and Major General Sarath Fonseka (Security Forces Commander, Jaffna) prompted the Ministry of Defence to order their transfers.

Maj. Gen. Perera reverted to his substantive post as Deputy Chief of Staff. Maj. Gen. Fonseka took over a Security Forces Commander, Wanni.

The two have come together to represent the Sri Lanka Army at the Pacific Area Management Seminar a United States Army Pacific Command annual event. It is being held in Japan.

Army Headquarters had earlier recommended Maj. Gen. Perera and Maj. Gen. Susil Chandrapala as a second choice. Though US authorities did not earlier accept a standby candidate, they later allowed a second member to join in. 

That was how Maj. Gen. Fonseka became the second member of the team.

Taking a leaf

The LTTE seems to be taking a lesson or two from the Sri Lanka Army.

In a recruitment drive during a temple festival in an area dominated by them in the Batticaloa district, one of the events was a tattoo. 

Tiger cadres performed several acts of skill and ended up enlisting 66 cadres.

Complaint to President

A Government trading arm has complained to President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga that they have been disqualified from a military procurement deal though they were found to be the most suitable.

They have told the President in a letter that the Ministry Tender Board in question had negotiated with a private supplier although the Government trading arm was the lowest.

The Tender Board had persuaded the private supplier to effect a reduction which came to only Rs. 2.4 million. Even without the reduction, the State firm's offer was Rs. 60 million lower than the private supplier.

More details on this matter, which is of public interest, cannot be revealed in view of the censorship debarring reportage on procurements.

The Government trading arm, in an unusual step, has called for President Kumaratunga's intervention over this tender. 

Sources in the trading company say a probe into the deal would also reveal other serious irregularities.

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