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30th April 2000
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Our cover girl this week is Navini. Her hair and make-up were done by Christopher Lafaber. The outfit was provided by Brian Kerkoven. 

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Is Oasis just a mirage?

The expectation fell flat this week as the new Oasis single 'Who Feels Love', fell short in sales to enable it to enter the chart at No: 1. Instead the track came in at No: 4, a far cry from the previous entries for the band. 

Some radio deejays and TV stations were projecting the new Oasis single as an excellent release from an excellent group. Well it appears the public doesn't think so and the majority did manage to keep last week's champ 'Toca's Miracle' by Fragma for a second week at the top of the chart. 

The once illegal bootleg release from the club scene in Italy featuring Coco, got the green light for a legitimate release. The song did not fail giving Fragma 2 weeks at the No: 1 position. 

Meanwhile Craig David's 'Fill Me In' also managed to fight off the challenge from the new single. Though he only managed a solitary week at the top of the chart 'Fill Me In', is holding good at No: 2 for a second week. 'Fill Me In' like Craig's performance for the Antful Dodger's 'Re-rewind' is going to be a song to look forward to here. 

Back to the No: 4 entry 'Who Feel's Love' by Oasis. This track is the 2nd release from the band's current album 'Standing On The Shoulder of Giants'. The first single 'Go Let It Out', reached No: 1 in February. 

The 3rd single from Ricky Martins' self-titled album is the track 'Private Emotion'. The new release featuring the vocal talents of the Swedish star Meja che-cked into the chart at No: 9. Ricky does not seem to be enjoying the success he had around this time last year. There was the build up to the release of the current album through the track 'Livin La Vida Loca'. It was the only release so far to touch the top of the chart. 'Shake your Bon Bon', a much hyped track fizzled out at No: 12 in November last year. Has the fizz in Ricky fizzled out?

Two weeks ago the new video clip for Hanson single 'If Only' made its debut. The verdict was that Hanson is just stuck in their birth slot with progress of maturing being evident. The 3 brothers who make up the act look a bit older, sport teenage outfits in the hope of attracting the female market. But failure could be on the horizon for them because if they do not look sharp Hanson will be part of pop statistics. The new single by the band 'If Only', entered the UK chart at No: 15. 

Sting and his wife Trudi recently organised a concert in the US to raise funds for the protection of the rain forests. It was 10 years since they staged the first concert to save the Brazilian Amazon rain forests. Among those who performed were Ricky Martin, James Taylor, Sting and many other stars. This would be the last such concert organised by Sting and Trudi Styler. They intend to take a break but insist they will keep in touch with the cause that has been close to their hearts. 

Phil Collins won his "over paid royalties" case against two session musicians Rhambee Davis and Louis Satterfield on 19th April before the High Court in London. Justice Jonathan Parker ruled in favour of Philip Collins Ltd. as Collins had paid in excess royalties to the one time Earth, Wind & Fire members. They were apparently paid for 15 tracks whereas it was discovered that the duo had really performed on 5 tracks for the 'But Seriously - Live' album. Their royalties stopped in 1995. When Davies and Satterfield wrote to Collins, he failed to reply. The judge said he was sorry the matter had come to court as it could have been settled outside. The overpaid royalties were £ 245,000. 

Melanie C who recently scored a No: 1 with 'Never Be The Same Again', is at the centre of over weight stories in the UK tabloid press. The singer who is referred to "Sporty Spice" was photographed in a swim suit which was rather skimpy.

Jelly being

By Passanna Gunasekera
The scene from 'The Monster Garden'The talented students of Holy Cross College, Gampaha have taken up a major challenge and it's a double one for them. They will be putting on the production of 'The Monster Garden' at the Lionel Wendt on May 5, 6 and 7 at 7 p.m. It is the first-ever full-length production of the school. 

'The Monster Garden' was transformed into a play that deals with modern scientific developments by Diane Samuel from Vivien Alcock's story based on 'The tale of Frankenstein' by Mary Shelley. Its initial production abroad was in 1991, and now, Holy Cross brings this delightful story woven round a genetic scientist's daughter and a stolen 'jelly' that turns into a lovable, ever-growing monster, to Colombo audiences. While she attempts to protect the monster from scientists and their laboratory investigations, various theatrical devices are used to highlight the difference between science and magic.

In a book it is no Herculean task to describe a monster, leaving a lot to the reader's imagination. But in a play, success lies in how they make it work on stage. Last week I caught the young performers rehearsing under the able direction of Jerome de Silva of 'Lion King' fame and their very own speech and drama teacher Kamini Perera. 

"This is also an attempt to create an awareness among the young especially about creatures and how they should be treated. We stress that animals too should get a place in this world," says Ms. Perera. 

Colombo theatre-goers are frequently able to savour the diverse talents of the Colombo school performers. But it is seldom that outstation schools get on the stage. So be there when Holy Cross College goes on stage with 'The Monster Garden' to find out whether monsters are what they seem.

Tickets are available at Holy Cross College and the Lionel Wendt.

Art of 'Perceptions'

By Ruhanie Perera 
Shanila de AlwisShe lives in a very special world. A world of colours, of nature and beauty. She is at her happiest "just being able to create". An artist who draws what she percieves. 

This enchanting collection of her "perceptions" will be exhibited by 21-year-old Shanila de Alwis at the Lionel Wendt Art Gallery on May 5, at 5.00 p.m. and on May 6 and 7 at 9.00 a.m.

It's not at all surprising to find out that Shanila, who took to art like a duck takes to water, started painting when she was only six years old. Realising that their child was a budding artist Shanila's parents decided to send her to an art school, where she could develop her talents. After so many years they still are her biggest source of encouragement. In fact as Shanila puts it, "my dad's my inspiration". 

Shanila, a student of the Cora Abraham Art School has developed her style over the years. The passion that began as sketches of whatever she saw around her led her to learn and perfect working with oils, watercolours, pen, ink and crayons. Yet, at present her interest is working on sculptures. 

"Art is my first love," says Shanila, one of the lucky people who sees only the beauty in everything around her. And the natural beauty she sees around her she shares with everyone else through her paintings. The exhibition aptly named 'Perceptions' is a wonderful chance for anyone to get a fresh insight into the wondrous beauty of nature. 


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