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30th April 2000
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TNL Radio gets new face

Amongst its many changes, TNL Radio has introduced a new face and voice to their airways. A new face - not entirely unknown to those who are familiar with Sri Lanka's golf circuit. Billy offers three specialized programmes, which are guaranteed to satisfy the tastes of the most critical music buffs, and which embody the versatile sound of 101.7 & 90 FM. 

"Stuff" on TNL, Radio every Tuesday night at 10.00 p.m. is a smooth blend of R&B. Acid Jazz and Soul, featuring artistes like Erykah Badu, Maxwell, Massive Attack, and William Orbit to name but a few. 

"The Vault" every Wednesday night at 10.00 p.m. plays classic rock from the 70s, 80s and even the 90s with great music from the likes of Eed Zeppelin, U2. 

"Private Music" - mellowing the mood every Thursday nights from 10.00 p.m. is a mix of Trip Hop, Ambient and New Age, so get out those crystals and get ready for some spiritual stimulation - this is not some giddy tip. 

So tune into to TNL Radio on 101.7 & 90FM every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights from 10.00-11.00 p.m. and join Billy on a musical experience that is completely different from the normal. 

'Kauda Bole Alice': a rip-roaring comedy

Bandu Samarasinghe a leading Sinhala film comedian this time plays the role of a woman in the latest Sinhala comedy Kauda Bole Alice. 

Janaka and Menaka are parents of three children. The couple gets a divorce due to differences between them specially because of Janaka's indifference towards his family. Although the couple is separated Janaka leaves home with regrets about his children.

Meanwhile Menaka finds employment and looks out for a servant to look after her children in her absence. On seeing an advertisement for a servant Janaka came to the house in the guise of a woman, who cannot cook. However she (Alice) wins the hearts of the family members. One day the two elder children identify Alice as their father but keeps it as a secret.

On an invitation from the head of Menaka's work place the family members go for a dinner at a hotel. In the hotel Menaka and others identify Janaka. Once again Janaka is forced to leave his children. But circumstances compel Janaka to return but not as Janaka but as Alice forever.

The film presented by Sunil T. Films is directed by Sunil Soma Peries and produced by Sunil T. Fernando. Music is by Somapala Ratnayake.

Movie Masterclass workshop

The National Film Corporation in association with the British Council and the Sri Lanka Television Training Institute will introduce the "Movie Masterclass" workshops to be conducted by Mr. Mamoun Hassan, the British film specialist from 1-10 June. 

The Colombo workshop will be at the Sri Lanka Television Training Institute Auditorium, 100 A, Independence Square, Colombo 7 and the Peradeniya workshop will be at the Arts Faculty Seminar Room, University of Peradeniya, on 9th and 10th June, 2000. 

Colombo workshop for film community will be on June 1 and 2 (for film directors, script writers, cameramen, editors and film artistes etc.,).

Workshop on art of editing will be on June 3 (for film/TV editors) and the workshop for film critics and journalists will be on June 4 and 5. 

Workshop for academics and students of fine arts and mass communication will be on June 6 and 7. 

Enrolments for each category would be made separately, on first-come first-served basis. Applications on prescribed forms obtainable from the National Film Corporation and the British Council should be forwarded to the Chairman, National Film Corporation, 224, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7, on or before May 5.

Enrolment for workshop at the University of Peradeniya would be made separately by the University Arts Council and the Department of the Fine Arts. 

'Purahanda Kaluwara' to go on 5th circuit soon 

By. Susitha R. Fernando
Prasanna Withanage's "Purahanda Kaluwara" (Death on a full moon day), which received rave reviews at the Singapore International Film Festival will be screened on the fifth circuit, after "Saroja" which is being successfully screened at the moment. 

Scene from Purahanda KaluwaraJoe Abeywickrama was adjudged the best actor at the film festival. 

The film was Prasanna's fourth feature film which he wrote and directed and completed in December 1997.

The film has been an entry at several international film festivals and have won many awards. 

Purahanda Kaluwara is being screened at present at the19th Istanbul Film Festival as a special entry.

The film represents thousands of fathers in the country who had given their sons to the war and waiting for their return. It is the story of Wannihami (Joe Abeywickrama) who is not ready to accept the death of his son who had joined the army.

The land is stricken by drought and ethnic conflict. The lake on the edge of the jungle is almost dry and a few miles away the sons of the rural poor are dying on the frontlines in a bitter civil war.

As Wannihami, the blind old man collects water from what is left in the lake, he knows the rain will come soon.

A few days later, on the day of the full moon poya, his soldier son's body is returned by the Army in a sealed coffin. The day the rains fall is the day the son is buried.

Wannihami refuses to sign the papers which will entitle the family to the government's compensation payment for his son's death in action. 

A scene from 'Purahanda Kaluwara'Sunanda (Priyanka Samaraweera), the younger daughter, silently accepts her father's decision and finds a job in a garment factory. But her boyfriend Somay (Linton Semage), her elder married sister (Yamuna Nayanna Hettiarachchi) and the Local Government Officer (Mahendra Perera) pressure Wannihami to sign the papers. The customary alms-giving of three months after the son's death is fast approaching and money has to be found to pay for the food. Somay earns a pittance as a brickmaker. He too feels, like the dead boy once did, that the only way to earn a decent living is to join the Army. Wannihamy retains the clarity of vision which gives him the wisdom that reaches far beyond what the eye can see.

With the director's request the main actor Joe Abeywickrema had to grow his beard for three months for the film the script of whicle was written by Prasanna Withanage himself.

Through Purahanda Kaluwara, Prasanna Withanage has proved to be one of the film makers who identified the need of the hour and it is believed that the film would draw large crowds.

Fourth film annual rolls off press

The fourth Film Annual edited by Ranjani Rathnavibushana was been released recently by the Asian Film Centre.

Included in the publication are details of films screened in Sri Lanka during 1996 with other fascinating news relating to the films under review.

Information on short films that were produced in 1996, foreign films released in Sri Lanka, films screened by various diplomatic missions, foreign film festivals held in Sri Lanka, local cinema functions, film festivals held for local films, Sri Lankan films participated in foreign film festivals, workshops and symposia, lectures, literature on cinema, artists and technicians who died in 1996, films certified by the Public Performance Board in 1996 and many more details pertaining to the film scene in the year 1996 have been included in this book.

The book which contains almost all the details relating to the year 1996 in the Sri Lankan film industry could be very helpful to all involved in the industry, film industry.

Three decades of Golden Chimes 

By Sanath Weerasuriya
Golden Chimes, one of the most popular music groups in the Sinhala pop scene, celebrate their 30th year in the field of entertainment. 

Though they started as a Sinhala pop band in the seventies, the 'Golden Chimes' is now very much a western band. 

They perform regularly at some of the top resort hotels in the southern costal belt, such as Hotel Riverina, Neptune Hotel and Saman Villas. 

"We hope to celebrate and commemorate this landmark of our musical career in a most meaningful manner. As such, we propose to stage a 'Sing-along' concert, along with the contemporary musicians, who have been closely associated with us namely "Annesley Malewana, Indrani Perera , Anil Bhareti, Mariazelle Goonetilleke, Sureshni Wanigasuriya and Sunil & Piyal" said Lankika Perera, the female vocalist of the band. 

Golden Chimes are planning to stage this event titled 'Golden Chimes In Concert' on May 27 at 7.00 p.m. at the Buddhist Hall, Moratuwa. 

The Chief Guest will be Mr. Gerald Wickremasooriya and Mrs. Wickrema-sooriya, proprietors of the Sooriya Label and Children's Book Shop. 

"Looking back it is with great respect and regard that we reminise the birth of our group with the late Clarence Wije-wardene, the present Leader, Chanaka Perera and Lankika Perera being the pioneers. 

"Golden Chimes" now comprise Chanaka Perera, Leader/Bass, Lankika Perera, Female Vocalist, Jagath Peiris (Lead Guitar), Shiraz Sudar (Drums), Disnaka Dhanasekera (Key Boards) & Luck Deva (Vocals).

The compere will be Bevil Palihawadene and the Master of Ceremonies will be Dr. Vijeya Corea. 

The Main Sponsor of this event is the Bank of Ceylon. 

The tickets are priced at Rs. 300/- , Rs. 200/- and Rs. 150/-.

"Cats Eye" completes 21 years

'Cats Eye' is another band from Moratuwa to complete its 21st year in the local music scene in the month of April. 

"Cats Eye" led by Dilan Fernando, have been performing at the one of the best resorts in the Down South , Triton Hotel at Ahungalla continuously for sixteen long years.

They have also been playing at other popular Hotels for long period and is very popular among the locals as well as tourists .The boys have a wide repertoire and play any kind of Music to suit the audiences.

The band leader Dilan's Fernando, who plays keyboards and handles vocals as well. Dillan's wife Sriyanthi is the female vocalist of the 'Cat's Eye'.

Nirmal Mendis plays lead guitar, Vipula Fernando plays bass guitar and handles vocals, Shakila Ganegama also a new comer to the band, plays keyboards and handles vocals as well. Ransiri Peiris is drummer and Nihal Asmone is the compere and vocalist.

They look forward to many more years in the field of entertainment and have invested in some of the latest equipment to enhance their performances.

'Mahagedara':A love story 

By Susitha R. Fernando 
The story of "Mahagedara" begins with Subatheris Mudalai's elder daughter Piyawathi's secret love affair with a driver called Jinapala in the adjoining village.

A Scene from MahagedaraThough Kaithan the servant of the Mudalali comes to know about this, he does not want to reveal it to anyone to avoid unnecessary problems in the family. But Kaithan, the loyal servant of Mahagedara makes out a plan to solve all the problems by proposing to Gunawathi Hamine to find a suitable partner for Piyawathi.

The teledrama Mahagedara which is telecast on Swarnwahini is the latest teledramam produced by G. Mampitiya. This 100-episode drama has a story woven around bad and good times of the occupants of Mahagedara. 

When Piyawathi's parents go in search of a rich husband for their eldest daughter she makes a secret flight to her lover, and gets married to him.

Heart broken Subatheris decides not to give anything from his property to the eldest daughter, who disobeyed him.

Meanwhile his younger daughter, Kanchana falls in love with her cousin brother Tissa who is in the university. Her parents refuse permission for the affair to continue.

In the meantime Yasapala, only son of the Mudalali starts a love affair.

P.R.Perera, Nilanthi Wijesingha, Kanchana Mendis, Surangi Ruwanmali, Roshan Pilapitiya, Ashen Manjula, Sunil Hettiarachchi and kumari Dissanayaka star in "Mahagedara"

'Mahagedara' is directed by Christy Shelton fernando and produced by G. Mampitiya

Lankan cinema on web

The Asian Film Centre announces a unique development in the history of Sri Lankan Cinema. It has launched an Internet Website of five pages, which gives for the first time, easily accessible worldwide information on the cinema of Sri Lanka. 

One page gives a concise history of film making in Sri Lanka. Two pages are devoted to brief biographical sketches with photographs of well-known film directors, actors and actresses. 

One page is also devoted to information about the latest films making headlines in Sri Lanka and internationally. This will be updated regularly to keep up with new developments. 

Lavishly illustrated with full colour photographs throughout, this website is a must for all film enthusiasts all over the world. The website address is It can also be accessed on and www2.lanka net/AsianFilm

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