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9th January 2000

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Well, none of us will see another
millennium and so party-time it
was as Colombo's leadin' hotels
welcomed 2000 with a bang. Mirror
photographer Ranjith Perera
went-ball hoppin' to the Galadari,
Trans Asia, Grand Oriental Hotel,
Intercontinental and Taj Samudra
to catch the action.

The bare facts

By Ruhanie Perera and Laila Nasry

How many times have you thought "I hate it when he does that", or "I wish she wouldn't do that"? Have you ever wondered what on earth guys thought about you, or what girls liked most about you. Well, here's the chance to find out. This week the Mirror Magazine has for you the bare facts - what is liked most and what is hated most about the sexes.

Ishani Fernando,(20):

What do I hate about guys...hmm...everything (just kidding). Seriously, I just hate it when they assume that they know just about everything. The whole chauvinism thing really bugs me. Something else that always gets on my nerves is when they try to put on this 'macho' act. The 'cool dude' act can also get rather trying.

Then there are the "I'm the guy with the cutest girl" or "I'm the guy with the flashiest car" sort of guys who act as if they own the world - that I just can't stand. But there are the guys who are a lot of fun. That's what I like most about them- the fact that you can always have a good time. One thing that I respect is the fact that they are really good friends. They never talk behind a friend's back, if there is something they don't like they give it to you straight and sort it out.

Rochelle Palipana, (20):

Their ego-is what I hate most about guys. They think they are great and most of the time they are not. What gets to me most though, is the fact that they fool around with girls and then they talk bad stuff behind her back making her totally cheap. Also eve-teasing and gosh, they sometimes just ogle at a girl but if a girl happens to look at a guy then they think the girl is interested in them!

What I really like about them is that they are not bitchy. Guys stick up for one another. Also they are better to be around and are more considerate. Guys just tell you things to your face and get things off their chests unlike girls who habour grudges.

Harini Dias Bandaranayake, (20):

I hate the fact that they have poor dress sense. Sri Lankan guys are long, lean men and pants hanging from way up their chest just makes them look like spaghetti. Long lean bell bottoms are a definite no- no. Goatees- it really annoys me to see them. True, a goatee may look good on a French model but for a Sri Lankan guy with average looks putting more hair on their face is an absolute disaster.

Eve teasing which is on the rise should be curbed. It's a symbol of uncivilised society and guys should learn to move with the times and get over this juvenile behaviour. What's good about guys is the fact that they are mostly around 5 feet in Sri Lanka which makes dating pretty easy when you are short. It's good to note that guys are practising their English. "Hi baby", "Cherio", "hey girl"-you got to praise people for that!!!

Avanthi Welaratne, (21):

There is nothing in particular that I like about guys. I suppose if I had to say something I liked about a specific guy it wouldn't be hard, but in general there is definitely nothing I like about them. I suppose they serve some purpose because they are necessary for the continuation of the species. But most of the time I want to hit them and swear at them. They are absolutely insulting. You can't walk past them without getting insulted.

What I really hate about them is their lack of sincerity. There isn't a single guy who is completely sincere. And I hate it when they lack a sense of humour.

Sunee Bastians, (21):

Well, what I hate most about girls is that they don't really seem to know what exactly they want. And the worst thing is even if they, by some chance do know what they want, they don't seem to be able to communicate it. I know, I know, they are supposed to be good communicators but... - the key phrase here is 'supposed to be'. They never know what they want, they lead you on and then decide "hey, I can't do this" and they are so undecided.

Although they are not that great at communicating, they are really good at yapping. That's what I like most about them. If you want to yap with someone you should find a girl. A 'yap' with a guy ends in five minutes with "yeah, okay machang". Girls are also very sympathetic listeners - the only problem is they expect a lot of it back as well.

Navin Karunatilleke, (21):

What I hate about girls is that they are pretty narrow-minded. They don't understand the guy that much and this really gets to me. They have set ideas which are quite rigid and domesticated. Girls in Sri Lanka are very traditional, conservative and value ridden which is not all that good. Also girls also tend to get silly and mushy on me which totally puts me off. What I like about the opposite sex is that they are very considerate, actually more considerate than males. They are also very helpful (I get all my notes from them). I admire their dedication to their work and their studies which I think is really remarkable.

Roshan Alles, (21):

I hate girls who are not themselves. You know the type that try to put on an appearance which is bogus. Those who are forward and go into extremes and who are not honest, straightforward and decent. Girls who don't have good dress sense are especially annoying. They wear the wrong thing to the wrong place. I like girls who are honest-who tell you about their previous boyfriends. Those things matter. Girls should be loving, and be there for the guy. I like the dependable sort.

David Herft, (22):

There isn't anything I hate about girls. I like all types of women. I'd be gay if I didn't like women. What I like most about them is their nice figures and nice smiles. Sometimes they are snobbish and I don't like that. Otherwise I just love them.

Andre Fernandez, (19):

I think girls are modest and that's what I like most about them. They are also sensitive and considerate about others' feelings. But sometimes they can get too serious and that's what I don't like. They also demand too much committment and make long term plans, which just don't work sometimes.


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