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9th January 2000

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Westlife take the first honours

If you were to listen to the new version of 'I Had a Dream' by Westlife, it would strike you, there seems to be some overlapping. Not a patch on the original Abba version you would say. Nevertheless Westlife have managed to convince their fans with 'Season in the Sun' to sell enough to hold on to the No:1 position on the UK singles chart.

With the first new chart out for the year 2000 Westlife take the first honour of the year with a chart topping song. The group's reign may be over now having taken into consideration a three week run at the summit.

Business resumed after the New Year vacation on January 4. Therefore the newer singles would have come out to the market on Tuesday and could reflect in next week's chart.

As the songs get shuffled along S Club 7's 'Two In A Million/ You're My Number One' took a 4 notch leap to No: 2. It's a follow up to 'S Club Party' which came in late September and also ended up at No: 2.

Also gaining ground this week were 'Re-Rewind' by the Artful Dooger. The song first entered the chart at No: 2, held on that position for 2 weeks and then dropped 4 places to No: 6 during the Christmas week. Last week during the lull 'Re-Rewind' moved up a notch to No: 5 before taking a 2 point leap to No: 3 this week.

The other big pop act Steps also climbed 4 places to No: 4 with 'Say You'll Be Mine/ Better The Devil You Know'. Also successful was the Danish act Vengaboys with Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine) and Alice DJ's 'Back In My Life' from Holland.

It was a close call for Beatle George Harrison who was stabbed by 33-year-old Michael Abrams on 30th December. The man managed to enter the compound of Harrison's home which is covered by high security. He then stabbed George Harrison in the chest. Harrison's wife Olivia was also injured as she knocked the attacker with a table lamp. The ex-Beatle was rushed to the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Redding. Michael Abrams from Liverpool has a history of mental illness. He was furious with the Beatles whom he described as evil. Abrams was produced by Police before a magistrate in Oxfordshire and charged with attempted murder. He was released on bail, but sent to a mental institution. He is due to re-appear before the magistrate on February11. The attempt on 56-year-old George Harrison came a little more than 19 years after an enraged fan shot another ex-Beatle John Lennon outside his apartment in New York.

Harrison who has been living the life of a recluse for nearly 10 years was discharged on the evening of 1st January from hospital.

Rumour is Victoria Adams aka 'Posh Spice' of the Spice Girls has bought her husband and football star David Beckham a studded cross valued at 40,000.

The music industry saw three stars bestowed with 'Honours' in the Queen's New Year Honours list. Among them Julie Andrews famous for her roles in 'The Sound of Music' and 'Mary Poppins' was made Dame of the British Empire while Shirley Bassey who led the singing at World Cup Rugby opening ceremony in Wales also was made a Dame.

The founder of Virgin Records and now owner of V2 records Richards Branson aged 49 was made a knight.

Performing at the Open-ing of the Millennium Dome in London on December 31 before 10,000 people, the Queen and Prime Minister Tony Blair was the Irish band The Corrs who sang 'So Young'. Heather Small of M People fame also performed at the grand party. She sang the famous Beatle's classic 'Let It Be'.

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