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Connecting mind and body

Though Devika Sekhar knows the basics of a dozen dance forms – from belly dancing to bharatanatyam – her movement classes aren’t about dance at all. Instead, with a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Dance Movement Therapy from a London University, she uses movement therapy to help people deal with problems as diverse [...]

Bring on the Sunburn

Afrojack is heading to Sri Lanka, ladies and gentlemen. Need I say more? In a country where a scorching sun beats down mercilessly on a regular basis, not everyone is enthusiastic about sunburns . However, come October 7 all that is about to change, as Sunburn- Asia’s largest music festival-heads to our shores for a [...]

Telling a tale through dance

Telling a tale through dance

The Arpeggio Creative Dance Academy presented their eighth production to an international audience. ‘Kuveni-Vijaya: the lovers of Thambapanni’, a narrative of an age-old story told through contemporary dance was showcased in India recently in parallel to the world famous Buddhist Film Festival in Ladakh. In India, the group performed in front of a diverse and [...]

On with the show

On with  the show

With the semi-finals of the Inter-school Shakespeare Drama Competition ending amidst much speculation, one can only hope that the finals (on October 5 and 6) will deliver more of what the audience has been able to glimpse.  The nine finalist schools are putting in late rehearsals and sleepless nights to ensure that they don’t disappoint [...]

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