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Rocking it in the hills


Teenagers rocked the hills recently as a host of musicians and dancers took to the stage at ‘Teens on Stage’ (TOS) organised by the Kandy Teen Club. The Club creates an open platform for young people to experience the thrill of the stage and showcase their talents.
All the performers that evening were very talented, but SpellMaster finalist Nazhad, Arshad, Words, Ancient Curse, E.R., Sanduni, CGs and Rukshan Jansen stood out as serious performers in the making.

Nazhad has a very clear and mellow voice that worked perfectly on a rendition of ‘Apologize’ by One Republic, a stunning opener for the show. Arshad was funny andplain slick as he danced solo to an entertaining medley of popular tracks. ‘Words’ is a three-member vocal group that really caught the ladies’ attention that night with their renditionof “Fall for You” by Second-hand Serenade – they really sang to you. These boys are no-jokes about their music, but ‘Ancient Curse’ pushed it up a notch higher with their cover
of ‘Blackened’ by Kandy-based band ‘Forsaken’. They’re all still in their teens, but lead guitarist Virjan has some skills worth checking out if the chance ever occurs.

E.R. definitely got lots of attention from the boys that night, but not only because they were chic and confident onstage, but because the two ladies managed a decent rendition of a tough cover – ‘Beautiful’ by Christina Aguilera. And then there was the diva of the night Sanduni, who in her black dress with the red flower in her hair really had her whole act together. Add to this a powerful voice on ‘Love Story’ by Tailor Swift and unmistakable confidence, and no one was surprised when emcee Rukshan called her back on stage to please the audience! The dance crew CGs also caught some serious crowd-love with their styles.

It was surprisingly the boys who were mostly reserved of the vocalists on the boards that night, but Rukshan Jansen came on like a storm brewing. He broke the mould and went that extra mile to connect with the audience, evidently enjoying the experience greatly himself.
Guest artist Jeremiah ‘Jigi’ James, founder of the Zep317 dance crew of Nawala, literally stormed the stage as he danced to ‘Made to Love’ by hip-pop/dub artist TobyMac.

The closing act, Scarlet System, nearly brought the house down with their instrumentals while vocalist Angela in her flowing dress did a great job of balancing the weight and grit of the band with her smooth effortless vocals. Last year too Scarlet System left a mark at TOS and seem really to be stepping out to claim a professional platform soon! The best performers of the evening though were, without a doubt, the audience, who with a good dose of light banter from the emcees were actively supportive of the performers and kudos to the emcee duo who really kept the pace up.
Pix by Kavindu Sivaraj and Hansika Banduge.

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