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The fifth Sri Lanka Model United Nations conference will take place from August 5-7, 2012 at the Water’s Edge, Colombo. The first SLMUN was held in August 2008 and from then on SLMUN conferences have been held every year. The initiative has now grown to be the biggest school level-MUN (Model United Nations) conference in South Asia, and the third largest such MUN conference in the world.

“MUN opens up a whole new world for almost everyone who participates in it,” the Secretary-General of the 2012 SLMUN, Maleen Jayasooriya states. The diverse range of people you meet, the multitude of ideas and perspectives you are exposed to and the type of skills you acquire ranging from critical thinking, research skills, and diplomatic skills to public speaking skills makes MUN unparalleled to any other school activity I can think of. SLMUN has always been about accentuating these positives of MUN and also providing something more by offering a forum for aspiring young leaders and agents of change to put their skills to the test and refine them in order to face challenges in the real world. It instils a sense of responsibility in the next generation to take up the issues that plague the world which makes SLMUN an important wheel in the machinery of feasible change. SLMUN 2012 is the perfect platform for students to learn, speak, make new friends and give back to the community.”

“This year SLMUN will tackle issues related to the theme ‘Conflict and Post-conflict Management’, which we believe is one that is very relevant in the context of present Sri Lanka as well as the global Community,” says Maleen. There will be 12 committees including the first, second and third committees of the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council and the Security Council which is changed this year to be held in 3 simulations, a historic security council where they will be discussing the Rwandan genocide of 1994, the present day security council on the Syrian crisis and the futuristic security council , where the delegates are taken in to a time period 20 years from the present and where discussions on things like bio weapons are to take place.

There are also hopes to have a Human Rights Council where the LLRC report of Sri Lanka will be reviewed. All the resolutions that they will come to in this conference are hoped to be sent to the United Nations Organization.
Around 1200 delegates, an executive committee of 50, and six under secretary generals and the secretary general will make up the secretariat.
“Being a part of an SLMUN conference; as a delegate, an executive member or even a member of the Administrative staff involves great responsibility and commitment.

An SLMUN conference is not just about conflict resolution and meeting other young leaders from all walks of life; it takes things one step further. In the firm belief that the resolutions created within conference walls must be breathed some life into, last year’s SLMUN introduced to the MUN community something new; it pioneered the ‘One World’ movement.”

One World Volunteers is an emerging youth movement with a vision of creating development though grassroots-level community service. Their last fundraising project, ‘Light Up’ raised funds of LKR 400 000, donated to Kumar Sangakkara’s Bikes for Life Campaign. To date, the cause has attracted more than 400 students, ranging from ages 14 to 21, all with the common aim of building a better society.
“Fortunately or unfortunately, in the international field, things work on self interest. We as youth need to understand how this system works as we are the future leaders we need to learn the system and make it work for us. Even a topic like Global Warming is greatly emphasized in the present; it is we, the youth of the present who will have to face consequences of the actions done today,” concluded Maleen Jayasooriya.

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