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27th April 1997



Miracle man beats cancer with carrots

But diet made him go orange

Cancer victim Ross Mansergh ate 751b of carrots a week to stop the disease spreading - and ended up with orange skin. Ross also downed sixty apples, six red cabbages and 251b of leeks a week.

His skin went the colour of a fake tan. But he is convinced the alternative therapy saved his life.

Ross, 47, laughed: "People kept asking if I’d been on holiday. I just said, ‘No, it’s the carrots’.

"I could put up with mickey-taking because I wouldn’t be here now if

I hadn’t tried it."

The diet hit 5,000 calories a day - but was low fat and made Ross fitter than ever.

He made the carrots into juice and had five and a half pints a day.

lt cost £200 a week as everything was organic. And he quit work as a customs officer because he was so busy making juice. But Ross said: "It was easy. The juice lovely and creamy and tastes like ice-cream soda. "The best way to beat cancer is not to poison the body further, but to feed it the right nutrients."

Ross, of Preston, Lancs, feared he would die when a freckle became cancerous.

He had surgery to remove the diseased tissue. But the cancer spread and he had another op to remove a growth from his groin.

As he recovered, he read of the diet-known as Gerson Therapy. And instead of having chemotherapy he went to Mexico to try the diet under expert guidance.

He recovered, thanks to the carrots and a series of pills and injections.

Ross said: "After two years, I was ready to look at life again. I feel fitter and healthier than ever." His skin has gone back to normal - but he still has 201b of carrots a week.

Despite Ross’s success, doctors are not convinced.

Dr Ian Smith, consultant at London’s Royal Marsden Hospital, called the treatment "scientifically unproven." He said: "Chemotherapy has established survival benefit."

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