Kumba Mela like ceremony at Kataragama

Kumba Mela like ceremony at Kataragama

One of Sri Lanka’s major national pageants, the Kataragama Esela Poya Perahera, concluded yesterday. Due to the COVID pandemic, the perahera was restricted to participants…

Trade Ministry to import items; compete with private sector

The Trade Ministry is to seek cabinet approval to obtain a bank guarantee of US$ 10 million from the Treasury to get into the business…

Presidential Secretary says IMF not the answer

Sri Lanka has no immediate plan to seek financing from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Presidential Secretary P.B. Jayasundera has said. “Right now, it is…


World T20 in focus

World T20 in focus

Mickey Arthur says India series last chance for players to stake a claim

After widespread criticism following on and off-field dramas by national cricketers, the win on Friday against India was like manna from heaven–regardless of how depleted…

Tehani, Aniqah bow out, Niluka crashes to heavy defeat

Niluka Karunaratne’s late set heroics could not produce the end…

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New Finance Minister faces tough choices

The advent of a new Finance Minister heralds what many believe is the dawn of a new era. While this may be an exaggeration, it implies a desperate attempt at mid-course correction by the Government before the country is shipwrecked in the stormy seas of economic and financial mismanagement. The…


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