Dollar sends Rupee into the dumps

Dollar sends Rupee into the dumps

With Sri Lanka in an economic crisis and banks restricting issuance of foreign currency, money exchanges are in business as seen in this picture where…

Amnesty for tax evaders who agree to invest here

The Finance Ministry is to give a wide range of tax amnesties, including writing off penalties for those who failed to disclose any taxable income…

Lakvijaya: CEB signed multimillion dollar deals with Chinese company without cabinet approval

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has signed “operation and maintenance advisory services” (O&M) contracts worth around US$ 67mn–amounting to Rs 13.3bn at prevailing rates–with China…


Battle of the ‘Second Strings’

Battle of the ‘Second Strings’


A depleted, decimated and a demoralised Sri Lanka will start this afternoon against a still-strong ‘second string’ India in the tour-opening first One Day International…

Tokyo’s bid for a safe and secure Olympics

In what has become representative of the times, empty stadiums…

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Education during pandemic: Blow after blow for students

What happened to school-going children like the idiom what happened to the man who fell from the tree and got gored by the bull. For this entire week, secondary school principals, teachers, non-academic employees and external staff across the country have stopped online teaching, condemning the ham-handed action that subjected…



In step with Ves as national symbol

In step with Ves as national symbol

Dr Sarath Amunugama’s latest book ‘Kohomba Kankariya- The Sociology of a Kandyan Ritual’ has just been released. Many who know the author as a prominent…

Hope takes root with home gardens in parched land

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Revering a Bodhi tree devoid of false beliefs

Little ant lost

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