Floods in the aftermath of tropical Cyclone Burevi

Floods in the aftermath of tropical Cyclone Burevi

The tropical Cyclone Burevi hit the North, the East and several other provinces in Sri Lanka this week. The damage was less than expected, but…

Sweeping concessions for Financial Centre in Port City

The Finance Ministry will shortly seek Parliament’s approval to pass a wide range of concessions for the Colombo International Financial Centre (CIFC) coming up in…

More than 8,000 prisoners will be out of jail this month

More than 8,000 remand prisoners will have their cases expedited, enabling them to obtain bail or pay up their fines and leave prisons this month…

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Fishermen return to sea after Cyclone Burevi

Fishermen return to sea after Cyclone Burevi

Beleaguered MTD Walkers’ directors pay Rs.36.3 m in SEC fines

On the dock MTD Walkers PLC’s problems has exacerbated after the capital market regulator slapped a fine on its directors for violating five rules relating…

No dates fixed for airport reopening

Health authorities in Sri Lanka have agreed with the tourism industry to reopen the airport to international travellers sometime in January on the condition that…

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May Lady Justice be safe!

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa this week swore in a new batch of Supreme Court judges asking them to protect the integrity of the Judiciary, and assuring them the independence they require for the dispensation of justice. Coming as it does in the backdrop of legitimate questions on such speedy appointments coupled…



‘As Arjie’s Amma  I kind of came with the toolbox’

‘As Arjie’s Amma I kind of came with the toolbox’

To get into character for Auntie Netta, Nimmi Harasgama compresses her jawline like an accordion to give the illusion of multiple chins. Since her initial…

A new chapter begins with archive on Lionel Wendt

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Let the leopard roam

Book mark this book man

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Riding into a better future

Riding into a better future

Some years back, the childrenof Poonakary, Jaffna, were beginning to drop out of school at an…

When you’ve got cookies on your mind

Starting young: A bit of exercise, a bit of skills-learning

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