The forgotten COVID chapter at book fair

The forgotten COVID chapter at book fair

The ten-day Colombo International Book Fair began at the BMICH on Friday with more than 30,000 people attending. Though the organisers say all precautions were…

Three ministries work out plan to revive tourism

Three ministries will jointly seek approval for a plan to revive the tourism industry by opening up the airports for visitors from November after a…

Repatriation and charter flights: SriLankan offloads ticketing agents

SriLankan Airlines has stopped the issuance of tickets for charter flights–including for repatriation–through agents as it was found they were charging exorbitant rates. The decision…

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The 20A juggernaut

The 20th Amendment (20A) to the Constitution appears to have become a prestige issue more than anything and the Government, having lost face to some extent by trying to rush it through amidst major defects and blowbacks from all corners, has taken the path of least resistance; just go through…



Designing for social change

Designing for social change

Fashion, like any form of art, has the power to influence society in many ways. It…

‘Beyond the Song’: Get your tickets soon!

An island that baked up a fan storm

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Voronoi Diagrams

Voronoi Diagrams

When you use your mobile phone to talk to another person, the phone converts your voice…

Kids’ World

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