Non-stop fire fight at sea

Non-stop fire fight at sea

November Budget: Relief measures to be pruned down

The Government will be forced to prune down relief measures in the first budget to make up for a revenue loss of a staggering 1.3 trillion rupees, Treasury officials warned yesterday. The November budget, now…

Diplomats abusing self-isolation facility; stern warning by Foreign Ministry

The Foreign Ministry has issued a demarche to one foreign embassy and expressed strong concern to all missions based in Sri Lanka about diplomats abusing the allowance to let them self-isolate after flying into the…


From tackling legs  to selling eggs

From tackling legs to selling eggs

National Masters' athlete and kabaddi player cum coach compelled to become a roadside seller // Sports Minister ensures prevention of another 'humpty dumpty' act

Chandana Nishantha Atapattu, a multi-talented athlete who hails from Panduwasnuwara, a town situated 102 kilometres from Sri Lanka’s capital, does not owe to anyone in…

Fixing the ‘fixer’

Cricketers alleged to have fixed the 2011 World Cup final…

Business Times

COVID-19 testing at construction sites

COVID-19 testing at construction sites

Indian workers at a construction site in Colombo wait in line on Friday for COVID-19 PCR testing by the Colombo Municipal Council’s health department. Pic by Amila Gamage.…

Pressure to increase Sri Lankan fuel prices

The government while striving to keep the current fuel prices stable is under pressure to revise prices and taxes if the world oil prices continue on its upward trend in…

Mayadunne committee submits report on JCT cranes to President

The committee report on the issues pertaining to the procurement of cranes for the expanded Jaya Container Terminal (JCT) and now installed at the East Container Terminal (ECT) has been…

Sunday Times E-Paper


20A: JRJ Plus

The 20th Amendment (20A) to the Constitution approved by the Cabinet this week revisits the 1978 Junius Richard Jayewardene Constitution, and goes even beyond. It strengthens the Executive Presidency that was long vilified by those who called the Gaullist Constitution more Napoleonic, and its architect ‘Junius Caesar’. Nowadays, there are…


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