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The economy and Covid-19

Already crippled as it was with a balance of payments crisis and the repayment of debt on both local and foreign loan obligations triggering a slide in the rupee vis-a-vis international currencies, COVID-19 comes to deal the killer punch to the country’s fragile economy. The otherwise sluggish economy was further…


Sunday Times 2

Presidential power to grant pardon must be reviewed

Presidential power to grant pardon must be reviewed

While the entire country and the entire world is focusing its attention on battling the COVID-19…

The priority for the social-distancing period

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A song for Alyssa

A song for Alyssa

To all of us confined to our homes, wondering when we’ll be able to go back…

Stepping into a whole new world with Photoshop

Shifting online for fitness

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Funday Times

The bald-headed kid

The bald-headed kid

There are always a few new faces in class, at the beginning of the new school…

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