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Sri Lanka and the born-again Commonwealth

Interestingly, if not ironically, the British Government having voted to exit the European Union (EU) in accordance with the wishes of a majority of its people, is now looking forward – or maybe looking back – at the Commonwealth once again. The 53-nation Commonwealth, the third largest global grouping, next…



The CFW drama unfolds

The CFW drama unfolds

Over the past 14 years, the HSBC Colombo Fashion Week (CFW) has established Colombo’s presence on the fashion circuit and enabled local designers to stride out boldly on…

Walking into a ‘tuneful’ house

Soft footfalls as twos and threes walk in, some still in school uniform, and signal the start of classes. Then begin the sound of notes emanating from varied…

Stumbling in the dark for 20 years

Stumbling in the dark for 20 years

He can smell the flowers but he cannot see the vibrant hues of pink and red of the roses, zeeniyas and ixora in his garden. For, diminutive Wathukarage…

Femininity strides alongside deconstructed gender lines

Femininity strides alongside deconstructed gender lines

Every year when Colombo Fashion Week opens with the Emerging Designers’ showcase, there is an air of anticipation that bodes well for the future of fashion in this…

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Here, pink is for saving lives

Here, pink is for saving lives

A dedicated team of doctors and nurses are carrying out ground-breaking work at the state-of-the-art Bone…

Check out all that’s fine with pine

The mighty mineral

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Funday Times

Junior Victorians in action

Junior Victorians in action

The Primary School Sports meet of Convent of  Our Lady of Victories was held recently at…

New Year Cover

138th Battle of the Blues Royal

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