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Choose the right healing process

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has allayed the long entertained apprehensions within the Armed Forces whether they are going to be sacrificed at the altar of political expediency by throwing them before an international tribunal that will inquire into allegations of violations of International Humanitarian Law for committing the ‘crime’ of…



Visiting the Veddahs, 1899

Visiting the Veddahs, 1899

“The most impressive thing about them was their unhuman apathy and utter lack of interest, a peculiarity of the lowest types of man” – Hiller & Furness, Notes…

Little guardians of their very own hill

As rain and sunshine played hide-and-seek last Sunday and mild to heavy showers won the day, whooping with joy, knots of schoolchildren clambered up Diyakotha Kanda in the…

Setting out to help young people achieve their goals

Setting out to help young people achieve their goals

“If you want to have a successful outcome you have to have a successful social environment,” said internationally renowned award- winning scientist and human performance expert, Dr. Dragos…

Chrissie’s cherished memories

Chrissie’s cherished memories

Surrounded by memories and memorabilia, she awaits her 95th birthday tomorrow (June 13). Wisps of memories come floating by as Christobel Weerasinghe turns back the treasured pages of…

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Sketching comics

Sketching comics

Irushi Tennekoon is an up and coming illustrator whose style can be described as innocent or…

Mind Adventures theatre workshops for children

Strains of music in unusual spaces

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‘Daru Tharu Waruna’ by Deepika

‘Daru Tharu Waruna’ by Deepika

‘Daru Tharu Waruna’, a scintillating musical concert presented by the students of ‘Saundarya Shalikawa’ of  Visharada…

Erinton at the helm of MAF

‘I Volunteer International’ hosts Musical Night

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Funday Times

‘Record Breakers’ Award Ceremony

‘Record Breakers’ Award Ceremony

The Award Ceremony of the ‘Record Breakers’ Reading Challenge 2015, was held at the British Council,…

Kids Essays

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